It’s time for an update announcement for the iOS AirSend app. There are some exciting new features in this update that make collaborating on the go even easier! We also included some general updates and improvements to the app’s User Interface.

  • Message Notifications
  • Meeting Call Notifications
  • Pin/Unpin Channels
  • UI Improvements

Using AirSend just got even better. Read on for more details on these simple yet powerful updates.

Message Notifications

AirSend will now make use of your phone’s push notifications to let you know when a message is sent to a channel you’re in. A bonus feature – simply swipe down on the notification to type and send a reply. You don’t even need to open the app.

Video demonstrating AirSend’s push notification feature.

Meeting Call Notifications

If a meeting starts in one of your channels, you can participate directly through your device’s call function. This feature means you can field meetings directly through your device, without having to open the app. You can also decline the call if you’re not available. You can also view a record of your AirSend meetings through your phone call log/history.

Image of AirSend’s call notification feature. A bar appears at the top of the screen with the option to accept or decline the meeting audio.

Pin and Unpin Channels

AirSend users can now pin or unpin channels in the channel list. By pinning a channel, you can ensure the channels you want to see are always at the top. If the channel is no longer a priority, simply click to unpin, and let the natural sort take care of the rest.

Video demonstrating AirSend’s pin/unpin channel feature.

General Updates and Improvements

In our effort to constantly refine and optimize AirSend, we’ve made a few small changes that can make a big difference. To name just a few, the format for reactions has been adjusted. We’ve also updated the color scheme for messages. Between these two changes, the overall display is more visible and appealing. The reply swipe action has also been updated, so one fluid motion opens the reply bar.

How to Leave us Feedback

We are always seeking to improve our product, so all feedback is appreciated. To find out where to leave comments and/or suggestions, you can visit our public channel or visit us at our support page.

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