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The must-have tools you need to collaborate with team members and clients.

Chat in channels

Share/Organize files

Complete tasks

Voice/Video Calls

Key Features

Collaborate in Channels

Use private and public Channels to have conversations, share and organize files, track and complete tasks, and write notes in a built-in Wiki. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

Super Powered Messaging

Ultra-fast, effortless messaging from any device (web, desktop and mobile). Know when team members and clients see your messages as soon as it happens with read receipts.

Secure Private Channels

Private Channels let you collaborate with clients and team members easily and securely. Create as many private Channels as you want in AirSend and invite people using their email addresses.

Open Public Channels

Create your own online groups using AirSend’s public Channels. Create as many public Channels as you want and share a link to your public Channel for people to join and start interacting.

Easy Channel Templates

Create and duplicate Channel templates with just a few clicks to save time and streamline your workflow.

Channel Export Anytime

Easily export any Channel as a ZIP file to back up your messages, files, and Wiki notes on your computer or an external hard drive.

Custom Channel Branding

Customize AirSend Channels with your own logos and background images. Build and broadcast your brand to clients and team members with ease!

Organize Your Files

Stay organized and easily find anything with AirSend’s full file management system.

Secure File Storage

Have up to 100 GB cloud file storage with AirSend Pro and access your files anywhere across devices.

Automatic File Versioning

Uploading files with the same title automatically updates the file in AirSend to the newest version while also keeping records of older versions that can be accessed if needed.

Easy File Sharing

Drag and drop a file from the files section of a channel into the messaging section to quickly and seamlessly share files with others, or share files using unique file links that you can disable at any time.

Convenient File Actions

Use intuitive, easy-to-access file actions like move, copy, upload, and download to get work done.

Make and Complete Tasks

Track and complete your to-do with the task sections in AirSend Channels.

Clear Due Dates

Add due dates to your tasks so that you and your team members always get work done on time.

Assign People to Tasks

Easily add as many people as you want to each task so that everyone knows who is working on what.

Organize Tasks by Type

Add types to your tasks and quickly add subtasks to pre-existing tasks for further organization and clarity.

Kanban View of Tasks

Have a card-based view of your tasks to more easily visualize your work flow.

Write Notes in Built-in Wikis

Use AirSend’s Wiki section to share and remember important information and keep everyone on the same page.

Easily Format Wiki Notes with Markdown

Add headings, make numbered and bulleted lists, and bold and italicize text to make your Wiki notes exactly how you want them with markdown.

Add Convenient Links

Paste and save links to places like Zoom meeting rooms and important websites for convenient future access.

Email and Office 365 Integration

Stay in the zone with AirSend’s convenient email and Office 365 integration.

Full Email Integration

Clients and team members can send and receive messages to and from AirSend Channels using their email. They can also share files by email and do not need an AirSend account.

Complete Office 365 Integration

Edit documents directly in AirSend Channels without the hassle of having to download, edit, and re-upload files to make changes.

Have Online Meetings

Connect with team members and clients at any time with easy voice and video calling and screen sharing.

Seamless Voice and Video Calls

Have easy audio and video calls in your AirSend app to stay connected with your team, clients, friends and family.

Simple Screen Sharing

Need to collaborate on a project or present your ideas? Share your screen with a click of a button during a call.

Everything in One Place

Enjoy the convenience of experiencing your voice and video calls, note-taking, chat, and task management all in one place.

What Others are Saying?

It has a really nice UI and is simple to use.
- Dane @ Boundless Tax
I like the simplicity of it, with having actions and files all in the same place.
- Shane @ The Loomis Law Firm
The simplicity is perfect. I absolutely love it & have long been looking for a solution like this for several organisations that I own or am involved in where the technical capability of users is VERY mixed.
- rundmc @ Hacker News
I like the ease of use on my side so that I don't have to think a lot about it. I can set up Ben's account, and we can get started.
- John @ The Good Men Project
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Why AirSend?

  • Everything in One Place
  • Keep Everyone In The Loop
  • Easily Find Files and Conversations
  • Have Voice and Video Calls
There are many complex collaboration tools that can do many things but also require a lot from you. In contrast, AirSend is built for simplicity.
AirSend offers a few powerful tools and then get out of the way so you can do what you do best.

Experience simple, immediate collaboration with AirSend, your office in the cloud.

Connect from anywhere

AirSend is available across all your devices: web, desktop, and mobile.
Connect and get work done from your office, home, and on the go.

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Have conversations, voice/video calls, share files, complete tasks, and get work done in one space.

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