Start Your Own Customer Communities

Create your customer community using AirSend’s Public Channels.

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AirSend’s Public Channels let you create your own public space to chat, share files, and post information so that you can start an online community around your business, brand, neighborhood, or interests.

  • What is a Public Channel?
  • Customize Your Channel
  • Share Channel Invite URL
  • Engage with your Group

How to Create a
Successful Community

Attract community members
by adding the right title, description, logo, and background for your AirSend public Channel and providing helpful resources.
Grow your community
by engaging in conversations and sharing your knowledge to form genuine connections.
Lead your community
and gain lifelong friends, customers, partners, and fans while making a positive impact.
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Build a user community for your products and services


Build a community of fans


Build a virtual community to connect


Build an online organization or interest group

Have conversations, voice/video calls, share files, complete tasks, and get work done in one space.

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