When was the last time you created a note? Was it today when you wrote down a grocery list on a napkin, or maybe yesterday at a meeting with a client? Writing down information that we want to remember at a later time has been ingrained in us since our days in school. That is why we knew we wanted to include a Wiki, or Notes, section in AirSend even when we first started developing the app.

Since those days, the Wiki has improved leaps and bounds, now including capabilities like the ability to share pages using a unique link. Here are a few other cool things you can do with your AirSend Wiki.

AirSend Wiki Ideas

Take Notes on the Fly

If you’re someone who’s always on the go, the ability to take, save, and share notes from your phone is great. You can also quickly and easily search for notes later, so you never lose anything again.

Develop and Share SOPs

Many of our clients use the Wiki to create and share business SOPs. Some even have an SOP Channel where they have written all of the SOPs in the Wiki and added their employees. If you’re using AirSend for your business, this is a great use case.

Create a Guidebook

Related to developing and sharing SOPs is creating a guidebook on something. What are you an expert in? Is it baking? Machine learning? Cheap travel? Whatever it is, you can write a guidebook about it in your Wiki and share it with the world.

Work Together

This final idea is something we personally love about AirSend’s Wiki. We have used the Wiki to collaborate on articles, email campaigns, and so much more. It’s a great collaboration tool that lets everyone write down ideas that we can then discuss in real-time using the chat section or AirSend’s voice and video calling.

Let’s Talk

These are just some of the many possibilities out there. How do you use AirSend’s Wiki section? If you’d like to talk to us about how you use AirSend and be featured in the AirSend blog, please contact us.