AirSend for Remote Work

Have team members working from home? Experience simple, immediate collaboration with AirSend, your office in the cloud.

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Keep Everyone In the Loop

Send and receive messages and have voice and video calls in private Channels with anyone, anywhere.

Share and Organize Anything

Securely share and organize everything from documents and important presentations to spreadsheets using AirSend’s powerful file management system.

Complete Your To-Do

Assign actions like “Complete product roadmap” and “Approve marketing plan” to team members and clients with automatic reminders so you can do every single thing on your task list quickly in one place.

Find Everything Fast

Find Channels, people, messages, files, and actions in seconds. Never waste time searching for emails, lost files, or forgotten details again. Everything is just a click away.

Create a Guidebook

Easily share key information like key contacts, upcoming due dates, and team OKRs with a built-in wiki for easy reference.

Works with Email

Team members and clients can receive and reply to your messages through email, as well as send files to the Channel via email. They don’t need an AirSend account.

Working remotely with team members doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. AirSend simplifies remote work by offering the bare essentials you need to get work done, with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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Ready to simplify your remote work?

Managing a remote team comes down to finding the right remote work tools to help you and your team stay connected. But having too many tools in your toolbox and switching from app to app to get work done can be a frustrating waste of time.

AirSend can help.

A remote-first company, the AirSend team has members on every continent. AirSend was created by distilling this hands-on remote work experience into an all-in-one remote work tool.

AirSend lets you have conversations, securely share files, complete tasks, and keep track of your work in one space.

    Communicate with your team in AirSend. Have conversations, review documents, and assign tasks with ease. Keep all your communications in one place for streamlined collaboration.

    Do work across organization boundaries easily with AirSend. Unlike Slack, you don’t need to switch your workspaces to collaborate with partners and clients. Simply create different channels for your internal team members and outside clients to work together seamlessly.

    Stop wasting precious time looking for presentations, contracts, and important documents with a powerful file management system and searchable archive of all your conversations.

Connect from anywhere

AirSend is available across all your devices: web, desktop, and mobile.
Connect and get work done from your office, home, and on the go.

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Have conversations, voice/video calls, share files, complete tasks, and get work done in one space.

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