AirSend for Musicians

From making sick beats to releasing albums, see how your music can benefit from AirSend.

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Keep Everyone In the Loop

Have seamless conversations in private channels with songwriters, artists, lyricists, and producers.

Share and Organize Anything

Securely share and receive everything from new songs to music videos using AirSend’s powerful messaging and file management system.

Complete Your To-Do

Assign actions like “Record vocals” and “Finish mastering EP” to collaborators with automatic reminders so you can stay on top of your release dates.

Find Everything Fast

Find channels, people, conversations, files, and actions in seconds. Never waste time searching for emails, lost files, or forgotten details again. Everything is just a click away.

Create a Guidebook

Easily share important information like song names, links to inspiration, and show dates with a built-in notes section for easy reference.

Works with Email

Songwriters, artists, lyricists, and producers can receive and reply to your messages through email. They don’t need an AirSend account.

Making and releasing music doesn’t have to be complicated. AirSend smooths your creative flow so that you can focus on what’s important.

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How can you make music with no worries?

As a musician, you probably use many different tools to help you do what you do best - writing, recording, and performing music. But switching from app to app searching for conversations or audio files can block creative flow.

So how do you make music while staying organized with minimal effort? AirSend can help.

AirSend lets you have conversations, securely share audio files, complete tasks, and keep track of your projects all in one space.

  • Stop wasting precious time looking for messages, audio files, and important information with a powerful file management system and searchable archive of all your conversations.
  • Get a clear view of what’s going on, including new messages from collaborators, open tasks, and creative progress all in one place.
  • Easily collaborate with songwriters, artists, lyricists, and producers with secure file sharing, messaging, and action assignments and tracking.

Connect from anywhere

AirSend is available across all your devices: web, desktop, and mobile.
Connect and get work done from your office, home, and on the go.

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Have conversations, share files, complete tasks, and get work done in one space.

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