Our Story

AirSend began as a desire to make a revolutionary new product that would bring transformative benefits to millions of people.

As a company with an award-winning product in enterprise file sharing, we knew that every good solution begins with a worthy problem. The problem needed to be something personal that the team could relate to. It also needed to affect large numbers of people and have a solution which would bring transformative benefits to customers’ lives.

The problem we chose is context switching.

Context switching is mentally exhausting and it is a productivity killer. We experience the negative impact of context switching every day as we juggle multiple tasks and apps to get work done. This problem is acute in places where one need to work with limited resources like running a startup, freelancing or professional practice. We also see the same negative impact of context switching on FileCloud customers since the highly rated product gives us an inside view on how people do work and share files.

Research says context switching can cost up to 40% of your time (one to three hours of an eight-hour work day).

Imagine if AirSend helped reclaim just 15 minutes of productivity per day for 10 million people (0.14% of the world’s population). That would be 625 million productive hours per year, or $10.6 billion of additional productivity based on a median hourly wage of $17.00 per hour. Even a small improvement to productivity can benefit society in an enormous way.

If we can achieve the above, then we will have accomplished our mission.

With AirSend, we built a contextual workspace that brings all your conversations, files, and to-do lists into one place so that you can get work done better and faster. This workspace will save millions of hours for professionals who work with clients, improve their focus and quality of life, and help them get work done faster and more easily.

But the AirSend story is far from over. In fact, it has just begun. Here are the vision, mission, guiding principles, and core values that guide us as we continue our journey.

Our Vision
Connecting People to Get Work Done

We envision a world where professionals and clients connect and collaborate quickly and easily to get work done.

Our mission

Our mission is to transform the way professionals work with clients by providing a people-centric digital workspace that is easy to use, fast, and functional.

Our Guiding Principles


Easy, Fast, and Functional

We ensure that AirSend is easy to use, fast, and functional.

Exceptional Utility and Value Pricing

We strive to offer exceptional utility at a compelling price point to make our product accessible to as many people as possible.

Perfection with Purpose

Everything we do, from design to development and beyond. Perfection may be impossible, but we will never give up. That is perfection with purpose.

Our values

The AirSend Team is customer-centric and authentic. That means we seek to solve the problems that matter most to our customers, and we stay true to ourselves by adhering to that purpose.

Connect from anywhere

AirSend is available across all your devices: web, desktop, and mobile.
Connect and get work done from your office, home, and on the go.

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