For some people, one of the hardest things to do is to stay organized. If you are one of these people, this blog post is for you. Working in an office has various positives and negatives. One of the positives is that there is more of a feeling of structure and accountability as opposed to a remote work setting. So how do you stay organized when you don’t feel like there’s someone looking over your shoulder?

Below are some tips on how to stay organized while remote working. They come from a great book on remote working you can download for free called Get Remote Work Done by Madhan Kanagavel.

Get Things Done

Your to-do list won’t become messy and overwhelming if you get things done as soon as possible.

Getting things done is about outcomes and accomplishing objectives, regardless of the hurdles and challenges encountered. It is the primary way you increase your value to your team. It is also the most visible indicator of your effectiveness to your team members and leaders. 

Be Self-Driven

It goes without saying, working remotely on a job you really like will make you happier and make you more productive. You work without being micromanaged and deliver excellence. Every single time. 

The benefit of being self-driven when it comes to organization is that you will take the necessary steps to stay on top of things without needing someone to tell you to do so.

Be Detail Oriented

When getting instructions, ask clarifying questions. Think it makes you look dumb if you ask questions? It makes you look a whole lot worse when you do the wrong thing.

It is easy to completely miss what is being communicated when people have totally different contexts. Asking questions will save you hours of rework. Say, ‘So if I understand you correctly, you mean that…’ Or say, ‘To summarize our discussion, here’s what we will do.’

Reduce Noise

Eventually, as the team grows, most communication channels used by teams become noisy and hard to use. This is true for all types of channels including text chat, email etc.

Address these problems swiftly by doing the following: break large distribution groups into smaller groups to make communication more relevant and remind people to only send high quality communication to large groups.

This is how you keep remote work communication organized no matter how large your team or organization is.

We hope that these remote work organization tips help you. They have certainly helped the AirSend team become happier and more productive working from home.

Until next time!

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