We hope you are doing well and staying safe! We have new and exclusive AirSend updates, and we are excited to tell you about it. Please read about our previous AirSend updates or visit our release notes page. All of these improvements are made to enhance the user experience and make AirSend even more easy-to-use.  

A New Way To Create Channels

AirSend users can now create channels with a click of a button from their left sidebar. Click on the plus icon, and fill out all the information you need to create your channel. This new update makes collaborating with multiple clients easier and faster.

Upload Files and Folders Faster in AirSend

Users can easily search for files and folders using the search bar located in the top bar next to notifications. Once you found the document and are in the file preview, there will be a folder icon next to the download button. Clicking on this folder will immediately take you to the central file view in AirSend, where users can view all their documents.

Additionally, by clicking on the folder icon and being instantly taken to the central file view, you can upload the necessary files/folders faster.

New Profile Settings

Look better for your clients and colleagues with a new way to adjust your profile picture. AirSend allows you to zoom in/out on photos. Additionally, photos that you don’t like will easily be discarded and replaced with the uploaded previous image. Click “discard changes” to have the prior photo appear.

A New Way to Join Calls

If you are in channel A and Channel B starts a call, you can now click on the blue phone icon located on the left channel bar to be taken instantly to the call. No more switching between the two channels and clicking the link to join. 

Direct Message Faster

Now, with a search of a name, you can instantly start a one-on-one conversation. Located on the top of the left side panel is a “filter channels” bar. In the filter channels bar, type the name of the person you want to start a one-on-one conversation with. Once the results pop up, an arrow icon will be next to the person’s name, indicating a direct message.

What’s Next?

We’re ecstatic about the progress we’ve made, but our journey is far from over. Stay tuned for our next AirSend update, where we will reveal more improvements. We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we had fun developing them. 

Have feedback you would like to share? Let us know what you think through our public channel.