Most small businesses require simple collaboration tools. Simple collaboration tools ensure better and faster productivity. A simple collaboration tool requires ease of use, understandable features, and seamless integration with other apps. In the blog post, we list six of the simplest collaboration tools you will ever find to help run your small business. 


AirSend is the simplest collaboration tool on the market. AirSend is perfect for small businesses seeking to: 

  • Collaborate with external and internal clients. 
  • Have built-in voice and video calls.
  • Track tasks. 
  • Have a secure file organization.
  • Keep clients in the loop with a built-in notebook.

We also offer a Gmail extension and 365 integration. That way, you can continue to connect and stay in the loop with clients even if you are not in AirSend. Additionally, AirSend is incredibly easy to use. Most users love AirSend for its simplistic design/functionality. 

AirSend also offers public channels, which can be great for small businesses looking to promote their business through an online community. AirSend public channels would also be an excellent source for businesses to receive customer feedback/suggestions.

We take care of all your business needs by organizing them into one space. Unlike most tools that offer a ton of hard-to-finding features, AirSend has all of its features in clearly visible locations. Finally, AirSend is consistently launching new updates to make collaboration more comfortable and better between businesses and clients.


Asana is a task management tool designed for large and small project collaboration. Asana is designed in a kanban style board view. The kanban design ensures visibly clear organization of tasks that need to be completed.

Further, in each Asana card, users can assign checklists, leave comments, tag, label, and leave multiple descriptions. The only issue with Asana is that users have to communicate through an Asana card comment section. Some people may find communicating through a comments section annoying. 

However, the seamless collaboration through task management outweighs the negative. Asana is perfect for those who are heavily task-oriented and need all the ins and outs of a task management tool.

The platform also offers integration: 

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • Zapier
  • Everhour

This is a list of some of the integrations that Asana offers; however, the platform offers much more than the list above. When you first begin using the app, it can take a little time to learn, but once you figure it out, it will appear as one of the more simple collaboration tools. 


Trello is another task management tool with a kanban board layout. Much like Asana, Trello users can leave descriptions, labels, due dates, and checklists within a Trello card. However, unlike Asana, Trello is user-intuitive and friendly. 

Trello also features themed backgrounds, making collaboration more aesthetic. Most users love the themed designs of Trello. However, the negative functionality to a Trello card is that sometimes it can be difficult to find information. For instance, a Trello card with a plethora of information would require a lot of scrolling, thereby making it harder to find the information. 

Some users have commented about the lack of a “delete” button. Most users do not like the fact that they only have the ability to archive a board/card. Instead, most users would feel comfortable deleting boards that they are no longer going to use. 


Chanty is a simple collaboration tool. With Chanty, team members can: 

  • Communicate
  • Collaborate 
  • Connect
  • Organize

With unlimited one on one audio calls and search history, users can get work done faster. Chanty also has a similar design to Slack. So, if you switch from Slack to Chanty, you do not need to worry about learning a new tool from scratch. 

Like AirSend, Chanty also features built-in task management, roles and permissions, and public and private conversations. Chanty is also great for small businesses looking for a tool that offers enough to get work done without being too complicated.

Finally, what makes Chanty so easy to use is its clear design. Everything is labeled, and the user interface is super easy to understand. The only downside is that most of the essential features to getting work done require the business plan ($3 per user/ per month). 


Flock is another simple collaboration tool that is perfect for small businesses. The platform offers:

  • Instant conversations
  • Video and audio calls
  • App integrations
  • Searchable archive 

Flock carries the same design concept as Slack and Chanty. The platform also helps users with their productivity by featuring tools like polls, note sharing, reminders, and shared to-do’s. Some of the app integrations they offer are: 

  • Asana
  • Twitter
  • Google Drive
  • Todoist

Aside from the platform being incredibly easy to use, Flock also features ten public channels for group conversations and feedback. So, if you are a small business looking to get customer feedback or want to start a community with other businesses, Flock would be a neat tool to try out. 


Monday is another highly effective, simple collaboration tool. The platform is perfect for small businesses, project management, organization, and of course, collaboration. With Monday, businesses and workers can effectively organize their workload and increase their work efficiency. 

Monday is also perfect for marketing. Specifically social media campaigning. And as a small business, marketing is EVERYTHING. The platform offers a dashboard view of analytics and metrics, forms, secure file uploads, and updates on currents tasks/projects.

Also, for businesses that like to have an online presence, Monday has amazing content planning templates. Let’s get back to why Monday is a simplistic and much-favored collaboration tool. Monday is known for its colorful design, making it easier to distinguish priority tasks.

The app also has an amazing project overview layout. Users can clearly see what is done and what needs to be done, along with a five-star rating system of the project’s priority level and timeline.

Much like AirSend, Monday is a centralized collaboration tool where all your business needs can be met with one tool. No more app switching. Best of all, the platform features integrations. Here is a list of the few integrations they offer: 

  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Dropbox
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Google Calendar

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, each collaboration tool is optimized for simplicity. It is important to have a simplistic tool that is not too hard to figure out, allows workers to get all their work done in one space, and offers integrations.  In this article, we list six of the simplest collaboration tools on the market. 

  1. AirSend
  2. Asana
  3. Trello
  4. Chanty
  5. Flock
  6. Monday

Each of these tools is guaranteed to help you thrive in your small business- whether it is coordinating with clients to marketing your business with a public channel. Do you need a simple and easy to use collaboration tool to work with clients and other businesses? Sign up for AirSend, and get AirSend Pro free for one year.