Welcome back to our podcasts series! It’s been a while since we last made one of these, and with all the hubbub going around, we felt that it might be time to make another post on the latest podcast. Today’s theme is going to be productivity. Without further ado, let’s dive into the best three productivity podcasts of 2020.

Gary Vaynerchuck– GaryVee Audio Experience

With a rise in companies moving to remote work, it is only natural that we would feel unproductive. When we are at home, we don’t usually want to do things related to work. BUT, with Gary Vaynerchuck, vlogger, investor, and CEO, we are bound to feel some sort of inspiration to be productive.

The GaryVee Audio Experience is a podcast about getting work done through inspiration,  keynote speeches on marketing and business, interviews, fireside chats, and thoughts from Gary Vaynerchuck himself. The majority of his episodes are over an hour-long, but it is worth the listen to when working or even relaxing. In this blog post, we are going to focus on one of our favorite episodes to give you a feel of what the podcast is like. 

You Need to Focus on The Process

In essence, this 16-minute episode talks about how we need to block out the outside noise and focus on the process. Do not judge yourself. Make decisions, correlate it to your calendar, do not overthink, and make the right call at that moment, and just move.

Though the majority of his episodes are business and marketing-driven, his episodes can apply to anyone. Anyone looking to move forward, to be inspired, to make a change, and essentially to hustle. 

On to the next podcast.

Focus on This

At the title indicates, this podcast is designed to help you get focused and stay focus. Focus on This is the perfect podcast designed to help you stay productive. Hosts, Courtney Baker and Blake Stratton provide weekly 30-minute productivity tips, guidance, and more.

The episode we will be focusing on is episode 30: 5 tips for staying focused while working from home. 

Episode 30: 5 Tips for Staying Focused While Working from Home

In this episode, the hosts discuss why daily rituals are important, which components of your rituals can stay the same, ideas for how to replace workouts and family activities when your schedule is thrown off, the one practice everyone needs to maintain to help avoid distractions, and suggestions for finding the “focus spot” in your home. 

Some key advice that they mention is to one, double-down on rituals. Your morning and evening rituals can stay the same, however, learn how to shift from workday rituals to work-at-home ritual. In other words, figure out your workday startup, and transition it to working from home.

Secondly, lean on your big three. Your top three tasks that you will take on for the day. To be an overachiever, you should also list your weekly big three. The daily big three and weekly big three are the backbones of focus.

Finally, find your focus spot in the house. Where in your house can you get into the zone and work without distraction? We mention some ways on how to create the perfect focus spot, here.

Beyond the To-Do List

Beyond the To-Do List is a podcast series dedicated to providing tips and strategies for maximizing productivity in all areas of your life. Host Erik Fisher interviews people who are implementing productivity techniques in their own careers and personal lives. This podcast is a great listen to because not only does it feature successes, but it also features failures and the lessons learned from them. The episode we will be focusing on is Daniel Clark on Using Music for Better Focus, Relaxation, Sleep, and Meditation

Daniel Clark on Using Music for Better Focus, Relaxation, Sleep, and Meditation

In summation, Daniel Clark, CEO of Brain.fm, encourages focus, productivity, relaxing, etc, through an AI-driven music program.  The whole goal is to get you to feel focus, relaxed, etc. through music. The result is bringing out the best version of yourself.


There are plenty of podcasts out there that are great for productivity, and while we did not mention them this time, we do plan on making more productivity podcasts posts. We know we have barely scratched the surface of productivity podcasts. Stay tuned for another post on the next best three podcasts of 2020.

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