In the last decade, team chats have become more popular in the workplace. Employees working remotely and teleworking are influencing this change. As this form of communication becomes more common in the workplace, emphasis on chat etiquette is needed.

Chat etiquettes are important for maintaining professionalism while using this technology.

We asked our employees what their top 10 chat etiquettes are.

Use Appropriate Emojis

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Emojis have been the on-going trend for efficient messaging. However, due to the efficiency of emojis, we often tend to overuse them. For instance, sending five smiley faces with two thumbs up is not needed.

Further, be conscious of the emojis you send. Often times, people don’t quite understand the meaning you are trying to say with an emoji, so keeping it simple will ease the confusion.

Chat Etiquette #1:Don’t overuse and be conscious. 

Be Polite

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With companies that are continuously growing, it is always good to be aware of diversity. If you have to ask yourself whether sending a text/image is appropriate, it most likely isn’t.

Chat Etiquette #2:Be aware of diversity.

Tag Specific People

Much like other platforms, such as Slack, Facebook Groups, or Discord, the noise to signal is extremely high. To eliminate this issue, tag only the people necessary. Doing so will eliminate the hundreds of sitting notifications.

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Further, use the tagging option judiciously and sparingly. The purpose of tagging someone is to not only decrease the noise-to-signal but to also symbolize notified importance.

Having a tagged one-on-one conversation in a channel with a multitude of people is not a notified importance. Rather, this just increases the noise-to-signal. To have deeper conversations, create a separate private channel, where you discuss freely.

Chat Etiquette #3:Use tags for notified importance and use them judiciously.

Quote Messages

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Maintaining the context of a conversation is easier with quotes. Though tagging is efficient, tagging doesn’t give the context of a message, often making it confusing as to what context is for who. 

Chat Etiquette #4:Maintain context with quotes.

Use Appropriate Names

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Use appropriate names when making a channel. Having a channel named #Sqaud would not be professional. As much as we love to customize our channels, remember that professionalism is key to being in a business/job setting. 

Chat Etiquette #5:Appropiate names.

Avoid Politics and Religion

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Avoid controversial topics. Avoiding offensive topics shows mindfulness, respect, and cooperation. Working together is a high priority. Carrying offensive conversations disrupt workflow, relationships, and professionalism.

Chat Etiquette #6:Avoid controversial topics.

Post in Relevant Channels

Posting in relevant channels maintains communication traffic. Posting in relevant channels also maintains a consistent workflow.

Creating private channels to have deep and meaningful conversations. Posting in relevant channels decreases the noise-to-signal ratio.

Chat Etiquette #7:Post in relevant channels to maintain communication traffic.

Consider Using Video or Audio Calls for Deeper Discussion

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Minimize extensive conversations with voice or video calls.

Having video or audio calls will increase ideas, innovation, and in the long run, productivity. With productivity comes efficiency. Consolidating messages = efficiency.

Chat Etiquette #8:Minimize extensive conversations with voice or video calls.  

Consolidate Messages

Short and straight-to-the-point messages are key to minimizing communication traffic. Sending paragraphs of messages takes time away from tasks that require greater priority.

Increase efficiency by getting the point across in as few words as possible. There is no need to send an odyssey of a message. 

Chat Etiquette #9:Consolidate messages leads to efficient communication.

Use Well-Known Acronyms 

According to research, sending acronyms is the number one way to efficient messaging. For example, using acronyms, such as “ttyl,” or “brb,” are acceptable.

If someone has to search the acronym it doesn’t work. Use acronyms that are well-known. Lastly, remember to be appropriate. For example, saying “lmao” most likely wouldn’t be wise. 

Chat Etiquette #10:Acronyms = efficiency.


In summation, team chats are slowly becoming the preferred mode of communication. With team chats, emphasis on chat etiquette is needed.

Chat etiquettes are a crucial element in maintaining professionalism, efficiency, and workflow productivity.

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