Alrighty, folks, you got your top three productive podcasts, now it is time for the top three marketing podcasts. If you are new to the marketing team or just looking for some insight into the marketing world, these podcasts are great. From basic marketing strategy to stories that retell the experiences of do’s and don’ts to marketing, these top three marketing podcasts will leave you satiated with knowledge. 

Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is a podcast that covers both classic and new marketing. Hosts, John Wall and Christopher Penn cover 20-minute long episodes that are filled with various marketing tips and tricks in a casual setting. According to the homepage of their website, the topics they routinely cover are: 

  • Staying up to date with social networks
  • Search engine optimization and search marketing
  • Email marketing, multivariate testing, and copywriting
  • “Old school” offline marketing campaigns
  • And answer fantastic questions from listeners like you!

Episode Suggestions

The episode we suggest taking a gander at is “Jocelyn Brown on Branding and Return on Intent.” In this episode, Jocelyn discusses the essence of tracking marketing- which campaigns are working and not working, the idea that ROI (return of intent) is not everything, and Allocadia. They also discuss the timing of budgeting and spending money, and more importantly, the relationship between branding and the demand generation.

The second episode we suggest listening to is, “Special Interview with Simon Sinek, author of, ‘Start with Why.’” The purpose of this episode is to share the idea of pushing a crusade to create new leadership. According to Sinek, we lack leadership in today’s business. Leaders no longer act from the “why,” but from “what” and “how,”-  What do we do and how do we do it. There is no longer a question of “why we do it,” which is the essence of starting a business: why. In the episode, Sinek argues that due to the loss of “why” there is a loss of passion, which then leads to a lack of leadership. In other words, ‘why’ creates passion and passion creates leadership.

Key Topic

A key topic that is worth paying close attention in the episode with Sinek is the discussion of the golden circle. The golden circle is an idea. Sinek explains that businesses and brands think, act, and communicate the exact same way, however, their approach is lacking, and therefore could be done better. The golden circle consists of three levels: the bullseye is why, the ring outside of that is how, and the outermost level is what.

From there Sinek asks, “why do some marketing techniques work and others do not?” His answer, in addition to the golden circle, is manipulation and inspiration, and more that I could write a 15-page essay on, but this is a blog post people. Listen to the episode to find out more.

In summation, “Marketing Over Coffee” packs a mouthful of information on the essence of marketing and asks and provides insights on important questions that define what marketing and business are. This is the appetizer course, let’s move on to the dinner course. 

This Old Marketing Podcast

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose co-host the Content Marketing Institute podcast, a 60-minute show rooted in the power of storytelling. From digital marketing news to real-life examples of campaigns that you can learn from. From the Content Marketing Institute podcast comes various other “sub-podcasts.” This Old Marketing podcast being one of them. Of course, all their content is valuable, so we highly suggest you check out their other podcasts, but, for now, we will be focusing on, This Old Marketing podcast. One of the oldest marketing rules in the book is retaining customers through storytelling. Pulizzi and Rose abide by this rule throughout their episodes. Found on the homepage of their website is a simplified outline of what their episodes cover:

  • Content Marketing in the News: We’ll cover three or four stories that hit the marketing scene each week, and give our perspective on the happenings — and how they impact our industry.
  • Rants and Raves: A one-minute rant on something that we feel is “hard to swallow” about the current marketing landscape; or a one-minute rave on something epic.
  • This Old Marketing Example of the Week: Digging into the vast archives of CMI, we will discuss an amazing content marketing example from the past that we can all still learn valuable lessons from.

Episode Suggestion

Allow me to indulge you in one episode that I find particularly fascinating. Episode 221: Marketing Always Works (If You Leave Out Certain Data). Combined with dry humor (which is the best kind of humor), Pulizzi and Rose discuss the launching of Disney+, including the stock market, users, and tech issues. Further into the shoe Rose discusses the current marketing bubble- online advertising.

Finally, Pulizzi and Rose further discuss the concept of cognitive bias; if you want something to work, you will put the methodology to show that it works. In summation, This Old Marketing provides a hole for you to jump in. Throughout the podcast, the hosts expose your mind with storytelling, hypothesis, what-ifs, humor, and of course the idea of advertising/marketing and the trends that go along with it. Ready for dessert?? 

Duct Tape Marketing

In addition to having a podcast, Duct Tape Marketing provides services to small businesses. Their tagline, “Let’s Talk About Growing Your Business,” which essentially is the foundation of their podcast. Additionally, they have a variety of book suggestions that also advise on how to become successful. A particular episode that is a great listen for first-time beginners is, “Paving the Path to a Purposeful Hustle.” The guest speaker is Deanna Singh, speaker, author, and founder and Chief Change Agent at Flying Elephant.

Throughout the podcast, host, John Jantsch proposes several questions: Why is it important to discover your own purpose? How can you find it? Once found, how do you start fully living it. In summation, this episode provides insight on how to find your purpose and transpose that into business. Deanna Singh discusses her purpose, defines impact in a business context, implement self-therapy, and inspire positivity and change. These attributes pave the path to a purposeful hustle. A refreshing outlook, Duct Tape Marketing is a wonderful podcast to listen anytime throughout the day. Like I said, this is a wonderful dessert podcast. 


These podcasts are great for those inexperienced, experienced, curious, everyday-knowledge absorbers, and marketing teams. These marketing podcasts provide splendid insight on how to become better at marketing. Of course, there are many, many, attributes, however, listening to these three podcasts is the first step in becoming better, not just in marketing, but in life as well. Bon Appetit. 

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