“None of that Granola stuff; I’m talking about full meals.”

Here at Airsend, we encourage our readers to have full and healthy breakfasts to start their day. After all, the mind cannot achieve wonderful things without sustenance. After researching and testing the perfect power breakfast, I have narrowed down the three most balanced meals. These power breakfasts are great for those who work 40-hours a week, go to school for what seems like 30-years of your life, or even for simply running errands. The point is, these three dishes are great for people who have busy lives and need something to push the productivity scale out of the water. Let’s dig in. 

Breakfast Burrito.

Three Vegan Breakfast Burritos wrapped in tin foil and displayed in a red basket

The Breakfast Burrito takes the first spot for one reason: it is a versatile breakfast! The recipe I decided to try out was a vegan breakfast burrito. Though I am not a vegan, I can take time to appreciate the scrumptious delight I received from this burrito. The best part about the breakfast burrito? Anything can go in a burrito! Meat, veggies, meat and veggies, even fruit! The breakfast burrito has all the qualities of a balanced meal. You have your protein, your veggies, your carbs, and you can pair a fruit smoothie with it.

The recipe I tried was perfect for on-the-go because it required little technique. Summed up, this recipe involved chopping and sautéing your vegetables, put it in a tortilla, and bam! You have your breakfast. With meat, I recommend waking a little extra early, so that way you have time to cook your meat just the way you like it. I also find it to be absolutely delectable if you saute your vegetables in the same pan after your meat. This allows for the full incorporation of unbelievable flavors. Vegan or Non-Vegan, doesn’t matter. The burrito is a well-balanced-versatile on-the-go breakfast. If you are now craving a breakfast burrito, click here to see the full recipe. 

Did Someone Say Pizza? Avocado and Egg Flatbread (Really, it’s a pizza)

Sunny side up egg with avocado spread on a whole wheat tortilla

Next up on our power menu, we have the Avacado and Egg Flatbread. Essentially a non-baked pizza. What I loved about this dish was the connection between simplicity and bold flavors. You have a plain avocado clashing with lime and salt and maybe a dash of cilantro (if you’re bold enough).  A little bit of acidity, some sweetness from the avocado, and a well-seasoned egg can go a long way. And of course, no matter what anybody says, everything goes great with carbs. I like to call it healthy-carbs. A whole-wheat tortilla is a way to add some finesse to your breakfast. And if you are feeling savvy, you can totally add some orange juice to your morning as well. The perfect citrus acidity combo with spiced avocado and egg. Also, bits of bacon also adds nice texture and saltiness to your pizza. Never underestimate bacon on a pizza. 

Peanut Butter Banana Quesadilla 

Jar of peanut butter surrounded by peanuts

Finally, the Peanut Butter Banana Quesadilla. Personally, I found the peanut butter to be a bit muted in flavor with my wheat tortilla, so instead, I substituted for honey. I basically made a sopapilla or bunelo. The original recipe called for bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. Which all together sounds great. However, with my version, I took a flour tortilla, smeared honey, put some bananas, cinnamon, brown sugar, and drizzled some extra honey. Then, like every quesadilla, you fold it, put it in a pan and just brown it. I then topped it off with cinnamon.

Now, not everyone has the sweet tooth of a 10-year-old, so I do recommend making a healthy and balanced sweet quesadilla, or even a savory one is perfect as well. Perhaps, some egg, spinach, and ham? Or tofu, bell peppers, and red onions? Much like the burrito, you can do whatever you want with this dish. 

There you have it. These are the top three on-the-go power breakfasts that will definitely leave you feeling energized and ready to conquer the day. For more power breakfasts ideas, click here.

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