The ideal digital workspace should offer a combination of capabilities, such as communicating, sharing and task management, that enable you to get work done from any device and any location. Team chats and document sharing tools are an important part of a digital workspace. While workspaces are typically used in a group or team context, a personal workspace is a little bit different. It is a space of your own to organize your personal files, notes, and tasks.

Does such a place even exist? Yes! Check out our video below in which we show you how to build the ideal personal workspace using AirSend

How to Build Your Personal WorkSpace Using AirSend

The Works

In the video above we give the example of making a personal workspace for school. When it comes to school, one usually needs to know their schedule, assignments, future due dates, exams, and key points that their professor has said five times over the course of 50 minutes. AirSend gives you the capabilities to manage all that you need for classes in one place.

Another example can be having a creative workspace or even a work workspace. When meeting with your department, and your boss gives you some tasks to work on, AirSend can be your solution. You can now create action items on the spot, while also inputting notes to yourself as a reminder.

Further, if you are a fan of recording meetings, but do not like having to go through different applications to get the audio, you can now instantly upload your recording to AirSend. Instantly uploading your recording means that you now have one place to refer to your recording. In your own personal workspace.

How to Email Files to Your AirSend Channels

Share Images, Links, Videos, and Notes Across your Devices

Think of AirSend as a multitool. Multitools are the tools that do it all. AirSend gives you all that you need to make your personal workspace convenient, efficient, and effective.

With having a built-in actions list, you now have the ability to keep track of all your to-do’s. Having your own customizable notebook (wiki), also allows you to make mental notes to yourself, so you do not forget it.

Best of all, you can access AirSend across various platforms, such as desktop/mobile apps, browsers, and email. Similar to Opera Flow, AirSend allows you to share and keep links, images, videos, and notes across your computers and mobile phones. Think of it as a seamless connection between your phone and your personal computer. With seamless sharing, AirSend allows you to take your workspace-on-the-go.

Today, technology continuously evolves. The way we work, communicate, and interact will also continue to evolve. With this in mind, there should be an emphasis on workflow productivity. The questions we must ask ourselves is how or what can we do to further integrate technology into the way we work, communicate, and interact?

The answer: a digital workspace. AirSend, offers the ideal workspace that helps with personal or team organization.

AirSend is a versatile digital workspace to share files, send messages, and complete tasks. See how AirSend can help you.