The latest additions of some much requested features to AirSend.
The latest additions of some much requested features to AirSend.

Despite the global Coronavirus outbreak and stock market crash, the past few weeks at AirSend have been fast-paced and productive. We hope you’re staying safe and are excited to share with you the addition of some much requested features to AirSend.

Ability to Export Channels

Whether you work in an industry that requires records of transactions to be kept for a certain amount of time, or you just like having multiple copies of your data, you can now easily export any channel in AirSend as a compacted file.

Clicking the export button in a channel that you own automatically downloads all of your channel’s messages, files, and Wiki notes so that so you can keep extra copies of your data on your computer or external hard drive for safekeeping.

Ability to Copy Channels

Do your client transactions require a standard set of paperwork? If you’re tired of emailing the same documents to each new client, just create an AirSend channel with the necessary documents and duplicate that channel for each transaction.

Clicking the duplicate channel button creates an exact replica of the channel with all of its files and Wiki notes.

Ability to Email Messages and Files to Channels

Last but not least, you can now send messages and files to a channel through email by emailing the unique channel email address found in channel settings.

What’s Next?

We’re excited about the progress we’ve made, but our journey is far from over. Stay tuned for our next update where we will reveal more improvements.

Also, if you have anything you’d like to share about your AirSend experience so far, please fill out this quick survey to help us make AirSend even better for you.