Advancements in technology have led the sales industry to consider how these new capabilities can benefit the sales process. This can help enhance the experience for both potential customers and sales teams. With many different industries implementing innovations such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) have become common among sales teams.

The increased focus on sales technology provide huge benefits. It can boost remote selling efforts and can add value to the buyer-seller interaction by creating better engagement with buyers. 

With digital sales rooms, companies can showcase their offerings and distinguish themselves from their competition across geographical boundaries. Not only that, using DSRs can give companies valuable insight into what actions and content best increase sales.

Now let’s look at the definition of DSR, its use cases, and some of the best digital sales rooms of 2021.

What is a Digital Sales Room?

Sales teams present content to sales prospects in a client content portal called a digital sales room. Basically, it’s a shared space between potential customers and sales teams where prospects learn what is being offered and decide whether or not they want to purchase that product or service. Digital sales rooms also provide key, data-driven insights to sales teams that can be used to improve their effectiveness.

In the current market, gaining an edge over competitors is essential for any sales team to succeed. To do this, teams can deploy DSRs to increase engagement with sales materials and better understand prospect behavior.

Here are the two primary ways in which a DSR work.

  • Sales teams add proposals and other content into a singular repository.
  • Prospects gain access to the repository, and the technology tracks their activity. Activity tracked can include the pages they viewed, the time they spent on each page, and so on.

The Many Uses of Digital Sales Rooms

A digital salesroom can work wonders on the sales process and significantly improve performance in several different ways. A successful DSR improves these aspects of the sales process: buyer engagement, data collection, and buyer/sales team collaboration.

1. Better buyer engagement. DSRs can tell you whether or not a prospect has taken a look at a shared document. This can prompt the sales rep to take the next step accordingly to ensure that the prospect remains engaged.

2. Tracking customer behavior. DSRs also keep tabs on how much time the buyer is dedicating to each page. So sales teams can note buyer behavior and respond accordingly.

3. Tracking shares. Another useful data collection feature is that sales teams can keep a record of what content is being forwarded using DSRs. This can be a great way of capturing new contacts.

4. Greater buyer empowerment. Unlike traditional remote-selling methods with tedious email threads, DSRs are more interactive and customized. That makes buyers more likely to be engaged and share the content with others.

The Top Digital Sales Rooms of 2021

We’ve discussed what DSRs are and what they can improve about the sales process. Next let’s take a look at the best digital sales rooms available now.


JourneySales has been at the forefront of account-based selling solutions for quite some time. One of the first to create digital sales rooms, they have launched several versions of their “Smart Rooms,” which they define as “private digital collaboration spaces,” enabling sales teams to provide customers with a private and personalized experience.


This AI-powered Sales Enablement Automation Platform allows sellers to create a highly intuitive digital salesroom that facilitates document automation, content sharing and management, and internal communication, among numerous other features. The “stories” feature wherein content can be categorized into collections is a unique touch.


Though proposal-centric, this platform does have support for a variety of marketing content. It comes into action from the first moment of contact with the prospect for a truly personalized feel. The real-time alerts keep the sales team updated about the prospect’s viewing activity, allowing them to act timely and close the deal.


This customer collaboration platform focuses primarily on financial institution services for which it has been awarded “Best Digital Banking Solution Provider.” As with most other DSRs, Moxtra can be used either as a standalone tool or an existing website or application extension. The UI is intuitive and intelligent and supports various functions such as secure messaging, hosting or attending video conferences, managing disclosures, signing contracts, and so on.


A less expensive but still fully-featured version of Moxtra, AirSend provides secure messaging, voice and video calling with screen-sharing, fast file sharing, and more. Sales teams can also create templates so that they do not have to re-upload common files every time they approach a new prospect. Gmail integration, Office 365 integration, and full search capabilities are other features that make AirSend an excellent choice for a DSR. is a feature-rich DSR option. It provides CRM solutions that are simple and customizable. Users choose between several different product offerings: Tact Assistant, Tact Hub, or Tact Portal. The easy-to-use UI provides customers with a “WhatsApp-like experience” with support for secure messaging, e-signature, file collaboration, video conferencing, and other features.


With a focus on ABX and ABM, this platform brings to the table micro-targeted campaigns and a highly personalized experience tailored to the needs of each customer. Folloze integrates seamlessly with quite a few CRMs like SalesLoft and Salesforce.

Key Takeaways

The correct implementation of digital salesrooms, like any other tool, can be a game-changer for companies and give sales teams much greater control over the sales process. Several platforms currently offer a collaborative workspace through which sellers can engage with buyers and showcase their products. You can go for any of the options discussed in this article or choose a more suitable platform for your use case.