For many businesses, setting up a functional team communication solution has been a priority in recent times. With many people working from home, teams need easy and flexible communication and collaboration tools that let them send messages, share files, have audio and video calls, and integrate with third-party tools to maximize productivity.

Thankfully, there are many different apps for team communication to explore to find the perfect fit. These apps come with a range of different features and price points to help teams thrive.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of the best and most widely-used team communication apps. These apps specialize in team communication, collaboration, and important third-party integrations. They are all-in-one solutions for team communication for you to choose from based on your unique requirements.

The Best Team Communication Apps


Years ago, Slack pioneered the transformation of team communication apps from simple chat tools to fully-featured collaboration solutions. Since then, they still enjoy one of the highest market shares in workspace collaboration apps.

Slack Features

Slack is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android and has a web client. The Slack workflow, which has been replicated by other solutions, breaks up communication into categories called threads, channels, and workspaces, allowing for granular control over classification and organization of communication. These can be access-controlled for better management. Slack also integrates a powerful search feature that allows users to find relevant communications quickly.

Slack Integrations

The most notable feature is the 1400+ third-party interactions that can open the door towards various functionalities. The integrations make Slack a good choice for many use cases since they allow for workspace customization.

Slack Pricing

The free tier of Slack lets you save a history of 10,000 messages, allows unlimited users, and provides a total of 5GB of file storage space. With the free plan, you also get a maximum of ten integrations. If you want more integrations, guest accounts, and support for multi-user video conferences, Slack has various paid tiers (starting at $6.67/month) which can make sense for you. Higher plans include features like improved security, 24/7 support, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.


AirSend is a new product that brings several modern, innovative features to the table. With support for text chats, audio and video communication, and conferencing built into the platform, it is easy to set up essential communication for teams. Also integrated is a valuable task manager that can help users manage projects.

AirSend Features

The UI is simple to use and incorporates modern, minimalist elements for easy navigation. A unique feature that can be used in a host of creative ways is public channels which can be used to start a community, crowdsource ideas, or gather feedback. People can be invited to this channel by using just an email invitation. Another helpful feature is the powerful search, which can help users find important files, messages, and notes within a few seconds.

AirSend Integrations

The library of integrations is not as extensive as Slack, but AirSend still manages to bundle crucial integrations that can extend the product’s functionality. Out of the box, you can enjoy integrations with popular services like Office 365 and Gmail. Further integrations can be enabled to enhance cross-compatibility with popular solutions. 

AirSend Pricing

Most of these features are available in the free tier, while the paid plans are relatively inexpensive (starting at $4/user/month). Moreover, every new user is offered one whole year of the paid plan as a free trial, letting users get into the depths of the platform before making a purchasing decision.

Microsoft Teams

When it comes to team communication apps, Microsoft Teams is a popular choice that was initially created to help Office 365 users interact. Over time, Teams has grown into a full-featured team communication platform with support for collaboration and third-party integrations.

Teams Features

Since many businesses already use Office 365, it seems convenient to add Microsoft Teams because of their seamless integration. Teams offers 10GB of team storage and 2GB of storage per user and allows unlimited channels, searches, and messages. There is also bundled support of up to 300 users and audio and video conferencing with up to 250 participants at one time.

Teams Integrations

Teams supports integration with more than 140 services, along with integration with most Microsoft solutions. You also get a host of other features, like inline message translations and meeting recording with transcription.

Teams Pricing

It is important to remember that many of the more advanced features are only accessible once you purchase an Office 365 subscription, which can get expensive at $5/user/month or $12.50/user/month depending on whether you choose Business Basic or Business Standard.


The developers of Flock attempted to take the Slack model and improve it while preserving the features that resonated with users.

Flock Features

Flock has a communication grouping structure very similar to Slack, with native support for group chats, audio and video calls, conferencing, and screen sharing.

Flock Integrations

Flock also integrates some exciting features like to-do lists and polls, features known to boost creativity and efficiency in team communication. These features require third-party integrations in most other solutions, including Slack.

Flock Pricing

The UI is clean and easy to use, and the free tier includes unlimited integrations and complete message history, another exciting aspect you find in AirSend but not Slack or MS Teams. The paid plans, which start at $4.50/user/month, are less expensive than popular alternatives like Slack but more expensive than AirSend.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to team communication apps, these are the best ones available right now. Between Slack, AirSend, Teams, and Flock, the entire gamut of features and functionalities needed for team communication are covered. Which one you choose will depend on your exact use case and requirements. Looking for endless integrations? Slack is the app for you. Want a simple, zero set-up required app with all the essentials built-in? AirSend is what you’re looking for. Use Office products all the time and want something to add on to that? Microsoft Teams is an obvious choice. It’s all up to you.