Since Discord was banned in the UAE, many users previously on the platform for gaming and team communication have had difficulty finding a new service to replace it. The problem is that finding a service that closely resembles the features, functionality, and UI of Discord so that they do not have to learn a whole new platform from scratch can be a time-consuming and frustrating process . Unfortunately, team communication solutions are often different from each other, and it is virtually impossible to find an alternative that is similar in every way.

However, there are quite a few Discord alternatives in the UAE that sport reasonably similar features and work for the same use cases with just a few tweaks. If team communication features are what you need the most, these alternatives will work perfectly for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Discord alternatives in the UAE.

What are the best Discord alternatives in the UAE?

Google Meet

The new video conferencing and team communication solution replacing the older, phased-out Hangouts, Google Meet is a capable contender that can fill in for Discord in the UAE with a host of convenient capabilities. Over time, the Google Meet platform has become enriched with updates and new features. Currently, it is one of the most popular team communication solutions in the market.

Text communication on Google Meet is very similar to other team chat apps, and the platform supports audio and voice calls and conferencing with up to 150 participants. Recent additions to the feature set include hand raising during conference calls and breakout rooms for categorized communication.

A significant new feature is tile view, enabling participants to see tiles of all other users in a call. The platform now also includes support for creating polls and Q&A segments. Overall, this is a viable alternative for Discord in the UAE thanks to its easy access and simple interface.


A relatively new solution that is already gaining popularity due to its excellent feature set and easy usability, AirSend can be a great choice if you are looking for Discord alternatives in the UAE. AirSend brings many features to the table, including voice and video calling, integrations with third-party services like Office 365 and Gmail, and collaboration tools that can be put to good use for many different use case scenarios.

With AirSend, you get a clear and simple UI that is easy to understand. This is great if you want a chat and collaboration solution that is quick to transition to from Discord. There are Channels in which you can invite users and share a chat space, voice and video calling with screen-sharing, task management space, and other tools.

One great feature in AirSend is the ability to create public channels in addition to the usual private channels. This allows you to create communities with people both inside and outside of your circle by sending an email invite or sharing a channel link. The generous free tier contains most of the essential features, and every new user gets one year of the Pro plan free of cost.

Steam Chat

For gamers, an excellent Discord alternative in the UAE is Steam Chat. Many gamers already use Steam as their game platform of choice, and the Steam app has a chat client built directly into it. This contains many of the basic features of Discord and can be pretty helpful during intense team gaming sessions.

With Steam Chat, you can announce your online presence and maintain a list of friends while receiving notifications when they come online. You can add friends, manage friend invites, and add favorites for quick access. From there, you have the option of starting a group chat during a gaming session. You can also create voice chats for both individual friends and groups with the help of voice channels. Since this is already integrated into the most popular gaming platform globally, it can be used as a viable alternative to Discord in the UAE.

Jitsi Meet

If you are looking for a Discord alternative that focuses on voice and video calling, Jitsi Meet can be a solution worth considering. It is a simple video conferencing tool that allows for group audio and video chat and conferencing without most of the other options’ added features.

While this solution initially launched under the reputable 8×8 brand, it was soon branched off as Jitsi Meet – a simple, plug-and-play conferencing solution that can be used from a web browser on any device without the need to sign up or create an account. With Jitsi Meet, you get end-to-end encryption for secure communication and free video conferencing and chat with up to 100 users at one time.

Other valuable features include the ability to screenshare, which can be used by multiple users at once. Jitsi Meet also supports user remote control of the desktops of other participants. If you want to use this for business use cases, you can easily integrate it with several popular services from Microsoft, Google and Slack.

A paid upgrade to their premium offering, 8×8 meet, can bring meeting moderation, analytics, closed captioning, recording, transcription, and phone-a-guest features for those looking for more advanced capabilities.

Key Takeaways

With Discord banned in the UAE, both gamers and business users need to find alternatives that work for them. With this list of Discord alternatives in the UAE, you have a plethora of options, each with unique features that can replicate the feature set of Discord while also bringing new capabilities to the table. We hope that this blog post will help you choose the right Discord alternative for you.