Digital collaboration is becoming a prominent factor in how we conduct business. The way we work with clients is rapidly changing. Clients and realtors want a collaboration tool that is design-friendly and easy-to-use.

A collaboration tool used to effectively communicate, send and receive large files, and track important reminders. The question remains, what are the top collaboration tools for realtors and clients?

We interviewed several realtors and clients who work with realtors. We compiled a list of six favorite collaboration tools made for both realtors and clients. Let’s start with the number one collaboration tool. 

Base Camp

Base Camp is an all-in-one project management tool for working remotely with teams and clients. Realtors like using Base Camp because they can:

  • Decide what the client sees. Projects start private to your team. When you’re ready to share a message, a to-do, or a file with the client, flip the switch.
  • Clear labels. Never have to worry about sharing the wrong file or sending the wrong message. Base Camp features crystal clear labels. 
  • Keep client records. With Base Camp, realtors and agencies can see client feedback. Realtors can follow up with the client with revised designs, plans, and budgets, and the entire conversation is captured on a single page, so disputes disappear. 
  • Send tasks and reminders to clients.
  • Share any folders or files with the clients. Clients can grab what they need when they need it. 

The point of fact is that realtors love Basecamp for its organizing and communicating ability. Clients love Base Camp’s automated features. One automated feature, in particular, is follow up questions. Instead of having weekly meetings, realtors can easily set up an automated follow-up feature right on the same page. 

Best of all, Base Camp works with email. Clients do not need to have an account; instead, they can reply to all email inquiries. Oddly enough, aside from the automated and email feature, both realtors and clients feel that the design of Base Camp is overwhelming. 


Base Camp offers two pricing plans: Free and Business. The Business plan runs a flat rate of $99 per month.

If Base Camp is too pricy, don’t worry. AirSend is your next best and cheaper alternative. 


AirSend is an excellent collaboration tool for realtors and clients. From nurturing leads to staying in the loop with clients, AirSend is a versatile collaboration tool. AirSend features:

  • Channel management
  • Note tracking
  • 100 GB file storage/organization
  • Task management
  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Office 365 integration
  • Gmail extension
  • Works with email

Like Base Camp, AirSend works with email. Clients who do not prefer learning a new system can email their realtors who have an AirSend account.

Additionally, realtors can get all their work done inside of AirSend. From tracking memos with our built-in notebook to having meetings with clients, AirSend is a great tool to get all your business done. 

Based on our interview with realtors and clients, both users like to see information in a clean and open layout. For instance, having a digital memo board would be a great place to store important information.

AirSend is a perfect solution. Our built-in notebook readily shares vital information like home listing prices, outstanding offers, and open house dates for easy reference.

Finally, we like to keep things simple. Nothing is more simple than communicating through a shared channel. In an AirSend channel, the user can “@” mention, react, and quote messages. Also, we have read receipts. Best of all, we have great plans! 


Here is the pricing for AirSend

  • Personal: Free 
  • Pro: $4/ monthly
  • Business: $99/ monthly

Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly known as Gsuite) is another collaboration tool for realtors and clients. As most people know, Google Workspace is a SaaS tool that connects with Gmail.

Realtors and clients can easily communicate via email, store memos and important documents within a shared Google drive, and work together on a google doc or spreadsheet. The issue is that Google Workspace can be expensive. 


  • Business Starter: $6 user/monthly
  • Standard: $12 user/monthly
  • Business Plus: $18 user/monthly
  • Enterprise: contact sales


Trello is a kanban board designed for task management. Realtors and clients love the aesthetic UI design and moving cards from one column to the next. Both realtors and clients can see and plan on tasks that need to be done. They can also leave descriptions, labels, and due dates on the task. Best of all, Trello works with third-party integration apps, such as:

  • Dropbox
  • Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Teams
  • And more 

According to several real estate agents and clients, a downside to Trello is the design of Trello cards. When adding extensive information on a task, the card gets longer. When a Trello card gets super long, there is a whole lot of scrolling involved. Agents and clients say that it takes time to find information within a Trello card. 

However, the bright side to Trello is that the platform continually syncs with all devices that have Trello. So, whether you are working on your laptop or working from your phone, you can always expect real-time updates to your Trello board. Additionally, for realtors, it is easy to switch between Trello boards when working with multiple clients. 

Here are the pricing plans for Trello.


  • Free
  • Business Class: $9.99 per user/per month
  • Enterprise: Dependent on how many employees work at the company


Streak is an email tracking platform. Streak helps manage leads and customer relationship management through “pipelines.”

According to PropertyMe, Streak allows you to “view a snapshot of your real estate pipeline at the top of your inbox with deals organized under colorful headings. If you click into a deal, you can see contact details such as their lead score and any previous interactions so you can quickly evaluate where you’re at and make informed decisions. You can also perform simple mail merges, track email views, create email filters, and set reminders without breaking your workflow,” (2017).

All-in-all, Streak is a reliable CRM (customer relationship management) tool that allows you to track open rates on emails, check out lead scores on previous interactions, perform mail merges, and create email filters. 


The platform is on the Google Extension page. 


DocuSign is an electronic signature service. The great thing about DocuSign is that contracts can be signed from anywhere and anytime. Afterward, the documents are stored in the cloud for future reference.

DocuSign makes it easy for clients to sign and send contracts. And best of all, clients can easily download the contract, no account required. However, one downside, according to realtors, is that DocuSign can get pricey. 


Here are the real estate plans with Docusign

  • Real Estate Starter: $10 per month
  • DocuSign for Realtors: $20 per user/ per month
  • Broker Edition: Contact sales


After interviewing many real estate agents and clients, we compiled a list of the top six collaboration tools for realtors and clients. These tools are: 

  • Base Camp
  • AirSend
  • Google Workspace
  • Trello
  • Streak
  • DocuSign

Each collaboration tool has its pros and cons. And each tool solves a specific solution. Though we like to think we take all these solutions and seamlessly design it into one platform, we have to pay homage to our competitors. Which tool is your favorite? Drop us a comment below. 

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