How to set up a channel template in AirSend for your coaching business.
How to set up a channel template in AirSend for your coaching business. 

Having worked with life coaches in the past, we know there’s a basic process when working with a client. First, you onboard the client with the necessary contracts and forms, as well as a syllabus going over what their program is going to be like. Maybe there’s a video, maybe there isn’t. Maybe a workbook, maybe not. 

Then, you deliver the program materials to your client – all at once or spread out over the course of a few weeks or months or years. Program materials typically include things like videos, worksheets, and books. 

As your client goes through the program, you support them through chat, video calls, and/or in-person meetings and workshops. 

There are many ways you can set up the tech system you use to deliver your coaching services, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to use AirSend because of AirSend’s channel template functionality. 

The rest of this post will show you how to set up a channel template in AirSend for your coaching business. 

Create a channel

First you want to create a new channel which you’re going to turn into a template for future channels.

Create a coaching channel template

Put important information into the Wiki

If you have a Zoom link that you use to communicate with clients or want to link to a private Facebook group, the Wiki is the place to put that information. Just make sure the information you put in the Wiki of your template channel is something that you want all of your clients to have access to. 

Put important coaching information into the Wiki

Upload the blank contracts and course materials

Next, upload blank copies of all of the contracts and course materials that you want each of your clients to start with. These materials will show up in the files section of each new channel that you create from this template. Don’t forget that you can create folders to sort your files.

Upload blank coaching materials and organize them in folders (if desired)

Create any actions you want your clients to take

If you don’t want to waste time reminding each new client to turn in their forms or attend their onboarding calls, you can create some action items in your template channel so that they show up in each new channel you create. 

Create action items for your coaching clients

Duplicate the channel for each new client

After you’ve set up your template channel, it is very easy to duplicate the channel and/or create new channels based on your template. 

Use your channel template to onboard your new coaching clients

As you can see, using AirSend’s channel template functionality can save you a lot of time and hassle. Ready to use AirSend channel templates to make your coaching life easier? Feel free to let us know your thoughts here

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