It’s important to have the right communication tools in your coaching technology set-up.
It’s important to have the right communication tools in your coaching technology set-up. 

As a life coach, communication is key. The heart of your service to your clients is helping them succeed by communicating key messages and having the right conversations with them. That is why it’s important to have the right communication tools in your coaching technology set-up. 

Not only does having the right tools help you work better with your coaching clients. It also prevents the frustration of trying to figure out what’s wrong when technology breaks down. 

The rest of this post is going to go over some of the best communication tools in three categories of your business: video conferencing, messaging, and file sharing.

Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing


Zoom has become the golden standard when it comes to video conferencing and screen sharing. These days it seems like everyone is on Zoom, from large companies like Dell to individually run coaching businesses. It’s easy to see why. Zoom is cheap (there’s a free version) and full of features like a link that you can share for impromptu meetings, the ability to share your screen to show PowerPoints or demos, and the ability to run large-scale webinars. The other benefit is that because it is the golden standard, most people will already have the Zoom app downloaded on their phone or computer and will have no problem getting on a Zoom call with you. 



AirSend offers individual and group messaging with additional features like the ability to share videos, PDFs, and other files and easily organize those files. It also has a channel template function where you can make templates to quickly onboard new clients. If you’re interested in learning more about coaching templates, you can visit our blog post called “How to Make a Coaching Channel Template.”


If you’re based in Asia or have many Asian clients, you probably already have WeChat downloaded on your phone. It has become such a standard for messaging that most, if not all, Asians use it for both their business and personal messaging needs. One cool feature of WeChat is the ability to leave voice note messages. It is faster than texting and less involved than a call. 

File Sharing


DropBox is a favorite for file storage and sharing because of its easy set-up and pleasing interface. One of its most convenient features is the ability to share files using their unique links. It’s also easy to upload files and organize them in folders, as well as control the permissions for files and folders so that members of your team or clients only have access to what you want them to see and/or edit. 


As mentioned before, AirSend offers the ability to share and organize files. The difference between DropBox and AirSend is that Dropbox focuses solely on file storage and sharing, whereas AirSend offers messaging, file organization and sharing, note taking, and action tracking all in one space. 

Having the right communication tools is important for any business, but especially for coaching businesses where the service you are providing requires communicating with clients. 

Hopefully this overview of some of the best communication tools will help you determine the best coaching tech set-up for you. 

AirSend is a versatile digital workspace for coaches to share files, send messages, and complete tasks. See how AirSend can help you as your business grows here.