Introducing AirSend’s new weekly theme…drum roll please…productivity trends!! Every Friday, we will be releasing a new post on the latest productivity trends that are happening in the world. We figured, instead of us giving you great advice, let everyone else give them to you. For more productivity advice, check out our podcast recommendation. Without further ado, let’s begin with the first current trend. 

Break Time! 

According to a recent study done by AtmanCo, quantity is no longer equivalent to quality. In other words, the more time you work (quantity), the less quality you produce. “Less can be sometimes more,” (Roy, 2019). Based on their study, it is concluded that taking short breaks to move around, stretch, socialize, or even contemplating a screensaver, “can increase concentration and performance at work,” (Roy, 2019).

Zero Waste

Two people recycling

What is Zero Waste you might ask? You didn’t? Well, we asked for you anyway. In the past year, Zero Waste has increased in popularity. Not only does it benefit the environment, but it has also been proven to make those who implement the strategy more productive. According to Mandy Gilbert, founder, and chief executive of Creative Niche, Zero Waste involves, “eradicating your workplace operations so that not one ounce of garbage goes into the landfill,” (2019). By taking on the challenge of Zero Waste, goals and challenges are created that can help bring your team together, i.e. bonding. Gilbert further mentions that setting goals and benchmarks is a great way to keep everyone involved, and therefore more motivated and connected to the cause. 

Maximizing Soft Skills!

Due to the ever-present influence of our new and upcoming generation, soft skills have become one of the top leading productivity trends. “Soft skills are the personal attributes, personality traits, inherent social cues, and communication abilities needed for success on the job,” (Doyle 2020). Essentially soft skills are similar to emotions, the ability to create and innovate, and characterize a persons’ interaction with others. The way soft skills implement further productivity is by allowing expressive creativity, communication, and leadership skills. After all, creativity leads to innovation. For more information on understanding soft and hard skills, check out this article, here.  


There are plenty of hacks, tricks, methods, and tactics to become more productive. Of course, that’s our job to tell you what the latest trends are, so stick around for next week to see the latest, latest trends. To briefly cover this week’s productivity motto: take breaks, get rid of unconventional work items, and embrace your creativity/soft skills. 

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