The top three 2020 health trends that can make it easier for you to achieve your goals.
The top three 2020 health trends that can make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

How are you doing? The end of January is a great time to check-in with yourself on the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Hopefully, we’re all still working hard at our new year resolutions. If not, no worries. This blog post is here to give you that extra push you need to keep going.

Whether your resolutions are to be healthier, increase work performance, improve financial well-being, or a combination of those, these top three 2020 health trends can make it easier for you to achieve your goals. Here are the top current health trends to increase wellness and boost productivity.

Trend #1: Meditation

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Meditation has been mainstream a while now, and it remains a crowd favorite for everything from stress-relief to anti-aging. Other health benefits of meditation include:

As you can see, many of the benefits you can get from meditation have a clear connection to productivity.

So how do you start?

If you’re tech-savvy, there are meditation and mindfulness apps that can help. Two top-rated ones are Calm and Headspace. There are also many videos and articles with simple step-by-step instructions. Here’s a good one to start with: Go to Video >>>

No matter how you choose to start, the important thing is to do it consistently, even if it’s just three minutes a day.

Trend #2: Healthy Snacks

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What is your go-to snack in the middle of the afternoon when you just want something to nibble? If your answer is a bag of chips or a candy bar, this next health trend is for you.

It’s easy to overlook what our snacking habits do to our health and work performance, but what you snack on can have a big impact. For example, most chips and candy bars are 150 – 200 calories per serving and high in carbohydrates. Eat a few per day and say goodbye to your fitness goals and hello to carb hangovers — both barriers to a healthy, focused, and productive you.

So what should you have instead?

Here are some alternatives that will satisfy your hunger and keep you healthy and productive:

Like most things in life, the key to healthy snacking is finding a good balance. Don’t be afraid to explore and keep switching it up until you find what works for you.

Trend #3: Fitness Challenges

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Studies show a positive correlation between physical movement and workplace well-being and productivity. This isn’t surprising considering the benefits of exercise. Exercise improves sleep, mental health, and mood. It also tells your body to release chemicals that enhance brain structure and function.

We all know that we need to work out. The problem is getting ourselves off the couch. If working out feels like a chore or you’ve been having trouble getting started, a fitness challenge might help.

Fitness challenges appeal to our competitiveness. Many also come with the additional benefit of community support and accountability. Here are a few popular ones to consider:

Ready, get set, go!

Being healthy and more successful are the most common new year resolutions, and they go hand-in-hand. Taking steps to improve your mental and physical health will always positively impact productivity.

Wishing you a healthy, productive, and successful 2020!

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