How the AirSend brand came to be - part 2.
How the AirSend brand came to be – part 2.

In our previous post about branding, we talked about some of the lessons we learned along the way to develop and launch a product successfully in four months. As we discussed previously, one of the keys to bootstrapping your way to a successful new product or service launch in less than half a year is having a clear vision and roadmap.

But clarifying your vision and roadmap is only the first part of developing a complete brand.

The next part is deciding how you are going to communicate those aspects of branding (vision, mission, guiding principles, and core values) with the world. Communicating these aspects helps not only your customers but also your team know what you are all about. If done correctly, it lets your customers know what to expect from you and it lets your team know what is expected of them.

Logo and Brand Voice = Face of Your Product

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With AirSend, we built a contextual workspace that brings all your conversations, files, and to-do lists into one place so that you can get work done better and faster. This workspace will save millions of hours for professionals who work with clients, improve their focus and quality of life, and help them get work done faster and more easily.

So how do we communicate that with the world? There are a lot of different approaches to marketing, but the most basic and necessary step before social media, ads, and press kits is to decide on your logo and brand voice, or the face of your product.

The AirSend Logo

When trying to decide on a logo, think about what you want your logo to convey.

What attributes of the product should it represent? What feelings do you want it to evoke?

We spent weeks thinking about these questions before we chose a dandelion to represent AirSend. We chose the dandelion because it is simple and accessible, yet wondrously capable. Dandelion seeds spread over vast distances quickly and effortlessly through their perfect design.

Like the dandelion, AirSend is about effortless connection. AirSend makes communication a breeze and is built for easy, every-day use to connect people to get work done.

If you get stuck, try listing out the top three best attributes of your product. Then, try thinking of plants, animals, items, or symbols that also have those attributes.

The AirSend Brand Voice

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The other way that you communicate your brand is through your brand voice. This is the voice you use to write everything from emails to website copy. And since it is often the first impression that customers have of you, it’s important you develop your brand voice wisely.

For AirSend, we wanted to continue with the theme of simplicity and accessibility that we started with our dandelion logo. AirSend is for all professionals and their clients, so we want to make sure that we use simple language free that is of technical jargon.

Show who you are.

There are many other aspects of branding, such as brand colors, typography, visual design, and marketing content, but your logo and voice are the guiding factors when it comes to how you communicate your brand to the world.

At the end of the day, branding is about letting people who you are and what your product is all about. So first, know who you are and what you are offering. Then, announce it to the world.

It’s as simple as that.

To see the complete AirSend branding guide, click here.

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