“Scrum Board + Kanban = Awesome.”

First off what is a Scrum Board and a Kanban? A Scrum Board and a Kanban are both a visual representation of the work that needs to be done. Scrum and Kanban are both iterative work systems that rely on process flows and aim to reduce time waste. However; there are a few main differences between the two. Kanbans are used for personal use, while Scrum Boards are used for the workplace. Let’s take a deeper look.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

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Success does not work without responsibility. Whether you are assigning responsibility to a team at work or to yourself, responsibility ensures success. However, some people have trouble dealing with responsibility. Do you ever have difficulty completing chores? Make a Kanban! Kanban’s are great for motivation and maximize efficiency.


First, you list all your tasks on sticky notes in a “To-Do” column. Next, if you’re like me who can only do one assignment at-a-time, you move the assigned task into the “Doing” column. Once the task is completed, you move the sticky note to the “Done” column.

As reiterated before, a Kanban is great for personal usage. Now, when I use my Kanban, I find myself at ease and motivated to complete my work. Today, I use Trello. Trello is a digital Kanban that works exactly the same as a traditional Kanban, however with Trello, there are a ton of customizations to help with productivity.

Scrum Board

Scrum Boards are a little different. As reiterated before, both Kanban and Scrum Boards have the same concept, different usage. Whereas a Kanban is made for personal usage, Scrum Boards are made for the workplace. Though Scrum Boards are mainly used by software development teams, the scrum board is catching on with other industries.

Scrum Boards are also great for sprints. Sprints last for two weeks and are made for hustling on leftover assignments. This again provides a visual outlook of where each team is at, maximizes productivity, and enables peace of mind to everyone working on their assigned tasks.

Aside from the magical usage of a Kanban and a Scrum Board, the key fact is that they both eliminate stress and pressure of looming assignments. Their true usage is to help you visualize an organized layout of assignments.

Without having a visual, or an organized plan of action, it is nearly impossible to be stress-free. I cannot explain how many times a Kanban has saved me from falling apart. From what past co-workers tell me as well, is that Scrum Boards have implemented a positive stress-free environment because they had a plan of action.

If you need help getting organized at home or at work, we suggest creating a Kanban or a Scrum Board. I guarantee your life will be much easier.

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