Did you know, digital transformation helps businesses be more nimble and productive? What is digital transformation? Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of business, such as Human Resources, Accounting, Engineering, and Marketing.

Digital transformation is also taking manual processes, like collecting/filing new hire applications and converting it into a digital process. AirSend can help take manual tasks, such as filing and communication, and automate them.

AirSend’s channels allow H.R. departments to hire, interview, and onboard new employees seamlessly. Let’s discuss how this is all possible. 

How to Make a Channel

For those who are not familiar with how to make a channel with AirSend, we left a short video to help get you started. Now, let’s talk about the possibilities of hiring, interviewing, and onboarding new employees with AirSend. 

In each channel, users have access to a built-in conversation space, task management, file storage, and a notebook. These tools allow H.R. departments to seamlessly: 

  • Carry discussions
  • Host meetings
  • Plan for the week with a to-do list and a notebook 
  • Find all their essential files in one space.
AirSend channel view. Image of AirSend channel

Another cool and useful feature is that departments can have as many notes as they desire within their notebook! Crazy, right?

AirSend wiki view. Image of wiki in AirSend. AirSend notebook

What this means is that your note section isn’t limited to one space. Users can make as many files and folders within their digital notebook. 

Having these capabilities makes it easy for H.R. departments to get their work done better and faster. The next question we must ask is how to conveniently onboard new employees. Channel Templates!

How to Make a Channel Template

Image of create a new channel with AirSend

Having a channel template is a fast and easy way to onboard new hires. Essentially, you create an onboarding channel that has everything new hires’ need to get started. When it comes to making a channel with the applicant, you can copy from the original onboarding channel, and the applicant will conveniently have everything they need from the onboarding channel.

Image of AirSend channel view

Now, let’s discuss public channels. AirSend’s public channels are a great way to have outside applicants ask questions about job postings, future opportunities, and job descriptions. 

How to Make a Public Channel

For those who are not familiar with how to make a public channel with AirSend, we left a short video and a link to a previous blog post to help get you started. In a few steps, this is how you create a public channel: 

  • Make a channel
  • Check off “Make Channel Public”
  • Customize your channel
  • Share your public link address, so applicants can easily ask questions

By allowing applicants access to your public channel, departments can easily and quickly answer questions. If you prefer not to answer questions through a public channel or prefer not to ask a question in a public channel, there is an alternative. By hovering on the user’s/employer’s profile picture, you can now send a direct message.

Having a public channel is an excellent way for employers to connect with applicants and vice versa. Updates from employers can also be posted on a public channel, allowing everyone to stay in the loop. If you are afraid of spammers spamming your channel, no problem. AirSend now has moderator functionality, so you can control who has access. 


The way we work is changing. We are progressing and innovating with technology. Traditional methods and the way we currently do things will now become more accessible. We will connect with others faster, work better, and grow our businesses into empires. But to do that, we need a tool that processes the manual work and turns it into digital work. A tool like AirSend.  

AirSend is a versatile digital workspace to share files, send messages, and complete tasks. See how AirSend can help you.