After many months of hard work, we are proud to present to you Airsend Teams – a robust feature built to simplify work for people who manage companies, nonprofits, and other organizations.

With AirSend Teams, you can:

Create a Shared Space for Your Team or Business

Make a shared space where members can see announcements, join public team channels, and find relevant channels and teammates quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a business, nonprofit, or school group, your team space is the digital hub where work happens. Team members come here to have discussions via chat and voice/video calls, share files, plan projects, and more.

Have Public Team Channels

Members can make and join public team channels (PTCs), which are channels available to join for all team members. Some of our PTCs include the Codelathe Book Club, Spanish Language Exchange Group, and All About Photography! Even though our PTCs are mostly for fun, there are many other use cases for public team channels. These include:

  • Company Brainstorming Groups
  • Study Groups for Products, Industries, and/or Skills
  • Work-related Book Clubs

Manage Data Usage and Members

Team owners and managers can easily add and remove members to and from the team and team channels. They can also track storage utilization of the team and specific channels and members with just a few clicks.

Post Global Announcements

Managers can post announcements that will show up at the top of the team page for every member. Some ideas for team announcements include:

  • Welcome Messages
  • Company Vision, Mission, and Principles
  • Important Dates
  • Key Milestones
  • Major Goals
  • Team Member Wins
  • Holiday Announcements
  • Birthday Celebrations

Color Tag Channels

Team channels can be color tagged so that it is easy to differentiate between team channels and non-team channels in the main channel view.

As you can see, Airsend Teams is a useful tool for anyone who manages companies, nonprofits, and other organizations.

Transfer Channel Ownership

Managers can transfer the ownership of team channels to other members. Some use cases for this are:

  • Transferring ownership of key channels from a team member that is leaving the company to a newly responsible team member.
  • Asking team members to set up channels and transfer ownership to the manager or vice versa.
  • Adjusting ownership of channels upon team member promotion or role change.

What’s Next?

AirSend Teams is a big step in making AirSend the best collaboration app, but we’re not stopping here. There are many more exciting improvements on the horizon, so stay tuned, and thank you so much for joining us on the AirSend journey.