Marketing trends for startups this year.

While we are still in the early days of 2021, the startup world has experienced a wide swath of trials and tribulations. The continued presence of Covid-19 alone has forced small and large startups to be nimble and adaptable. This is especially true in these startup’s marketing departments, where marketing professionals have needed to carefully craft their messaging and storytelling. But even putting Covid-19 aside, 2021 presents chances for marketers that can identify trends and focus on execution.

Consequently, we want to share five of the most significant marketing trends for this year. Whether you are a solopreneur or work in the marketing department for a larger business, understanding these trends can help you have an extremely successful 2021.

1. The Continued Rise of Sustainability

The sustainability movement has been a key trend in recent years, but it is expected to grow even more in 2021. Above all, customers in essentially every industry are researching how certain companies are positively contributing to the world. In fact, according to one survey, 81% of consumers strongly believe that sustainability and environmentalism should receive support and/or help from companies.

Marketers across all industries and sectors should keep this trend in mind. Don’t hesitate to highlight the positive steps that your company is taking to promote sustainability or sustainable causes. Doing so will build goodwill with your audience—whether they are current customers or just discovered your company.

2. The Proliferation of Digital Video Advertising

We have reached a point where digital video has become arguably the most important way of connecting with your audience. Whether you are creating a quick video for a particular prospect or a more polished video for your entire email list, digital video can help you build strong, organic relationships with your audience.

According to one recent study, 78% of people watch online video content every week. 55% watch online video content every day. No matter what you are selling, there is a significant digital audience that wants to hear from you. You just need to create stellar video content and upload it to where your audience likes to hang out.

3. The Underrated Importance of Voice Search

The rise of Alexa and Google Nest has signaled that voice search is here to stay. Smart speakers are drastically improving, and along with this, consumers’ interest in using them for a whole host of tasks. Moreover, voice artificial intelligence and machine learning are delivering more relevant search results for inquiring users.

It’s worth your time to consider how you can leverage voice in your marketing portfolio. Whether you are targeting prospects that are sitting at home or those that are leveraging voice search on their cell phones. Doing so will let you connect with your prospects in a new way and potentially generate more sales.

4. The Appealing Nature of Personalization

The Internet has let companies large and small deliver more personalized interactions. Better yet, customers enjoy these increasing levels of personalization. One survey showed that 90% of U.S. consumers found marketing personalization appealing.

There are always ways to personalize your interactions with prospects or customers. Even if it is just using their first name in emails and phone calls, personalization makes it much more likely that you’ll develop close relationships with your audience. In other words, it can be a game-changer in generating more leads and conversions.

5. The Effectiveness of Featured Snippets

Finally, featured snippets will become an increasingly important tool in marketers’ portfolios. Obtaining the featured snippet slot on your preferred SERP can go a long way in building brand equity and generating more sales.

Yes, there is no magic formula to generating strong SEO. That being said, strategically select your keywords and try to obtain featured snippet slots for those keywords. While it is certainly an investment, the returns are extremely satisfactory.

Get Started Today

Leveraging some (or all) of these trends, you will be able to better connect with your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

Like any marketing work, some trial and error may be involved here. You may choose to leverage a specific trend above, yet may not see an immediate effect. Ultimately, play the long game. By being patient, focusing on execution, and paying attention to your audience’s desires and goals, you will get that much closer toward marketing bliss.

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