We hope you are doing well and staying safe! We recently launched the biggest AirSend update. Read about our previous AirSend updates or visit our support page. All of these improvements are made to enhance the user experience and make AirSend even more easy-to-use.  

Dark Mode Support

You asked, and we delivered. One of the biggest AirSend updates is full dark mode support. We also made our dark mode system based. This means that if your Windows or Mac is set to dark mode, AirSend will automatically appear in dark mode.

AutoComplete Searches

AirSend now features autocomplete searches. Rather than typing out a complete email address of the person you want to add, you can now just type the beginning of their name, and AirSend will take care of the rest. 

An autocomplete search will only work with AirSend members who have been in a previous channel with you. To use an autocomplete search with new users, all you have to do is add their email address one time. Then AirSend will remember that name next time you create a channel with that user. 

Full Search View Support

Collaboration just got easier with AirSend’s full search view. Located on the homepage of AirSend in the top right corner is a search bar. In this search bar, you can quickly find anything and everything. With our incredibly simple-to-use search bar, users can find: 

  • Channels
  • Messages
  • Actions
  • Files
  • Users

What’s Next?

We’re ecstatic about the progress we’ve made, but our journey is far from over. Stay tuned for our next AirSend update, where we will reveal more improvements. We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we had fun developing them. 

Have feedback you would like to share? Tell us what you think through our public channel.