While we all wish we could meet with our realtors to help pick out our dream home, there is a particular pandemic happening that prevents us from doing so. However, it is not the end of the world. Because of the epidemic, technology is evolving to become better and more acclimated to our current needs- particularly team chats. There is a heightened reliance on specific attributes in team chats- mainly when working with clients.These attributes are: 

  • Seamless communication via channel and email
  • Fast file sharing 
  • Folder organization 
  • Clear video and audio calling
  • Built-in reminders

When working with clients, it is essential to have the listed attributes above in an easy-to-use team chat tool. We explore five top team communication apps for real estate agents. 


From nurturing leads to selling homes, AirSend is a great team communication app for real estate agents. With AirSend, everyone stays in the loop. Realtors and clients can send and receive messages and have voice and video calls in private channels with clients, team members, builders, and title companies.

Having a comfortable and versatile way to communicate is always great. Still, real estate agents need more than just an easy way to communicate. This is where AirSend’s file sharing and organization shine.

AirSend has its own file server, so there is no external file storage required. Having built-in file storage also means no personal files crossing with sensitive documents.

Additionally, realtors can create and organize folders- this helps with finding information more accessible and faster. Further,  esignature and SMS will be coming soon to AirSend- which will make working with clients a whole lot easier. 

Finally, my personal favorite, AirSend, works with email. Clients, builders, and title companies can receive and reply to your messages through email. They don’t need an AirSend account.

So, while realtors can enjoy a centralized and organized space to work and communicate, clients can ease from worry having another communication tool under their belt. Now, let’s talk about the other team communication apps for real estate agents.


Flyp gives agents a second phone number for their device to use as a business line. You get an additional phone number, but that number has it’s own voicemail and address book. When using Flyp, realtors can:

  • Organize their life- Adding multiple phone numbers to your device
  • Receive a local number- Realtors can choose their area code for each Flyp line they own
  • View all they need in one space- See all your calls, texts, and voicemails in one place

Using Flyp is a convenient way to securely call and manage clients; however, it lacks the fundamentals needed to get more than just calling. While it is useful to have an app that handles all your calls through a different number, realtors would still need to use other apps to manage files, view conversation history, and set reminders. Our next team communication app does that- Flock. 


Flock is one of the more promising team chat software. With integrations from Google Suite and a built-in shared to-do list, productivity seems promising. They also carry other features, such as guest accounts, one-way announcement channels, and a five-column interface. They also support video and audio calls. 

Flock also offers built-in tools, such as app integration, polls, to-do lists, the ability to create public and private channels, reminders, and many more. However, as neat as these features may seem, some of them, like polls, may seem useless to real estate agents and clients.

With recent reviews and case studies, a major con to Flock is its five-column interface. Having a busy interface can make users feel overwhelmed. The other con is that to successfully carry transactions with clients, clients also need to have a Flock account. 

For those not looking for the full works of a team communication tool, that’s okay. There are alternatives, such as WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has a large number of users (over 2 billion). You can use WhatsApp to chat, share files, and have voice and video calls. You can also set an image or video Status that lets your colleagues know how your day is going.

The downsides to WhatsApp are that the images and videos that people share go directly into your phone’s multimedia library, which can get annoying. And the number of users allowed on a group video call at one time is eight. However, the upside is that WhatsApp is a commonly-wide known tool, so using it is pretty straightforward. Finally, we introduce one of the favorite team communication apps for real estate agents- Google Chat. 

Google Chat

Hangouts Chat is the same concept as Microsoft Teams, except it is owned by Google. The perk and perhaps the most significant selling point is the G Suite integrations. Having GSuite is an obvious plus for real estate agents since it covers everything they need. To further add to the benefit, Google has created Google Chat and Meet. Google has also added calling functionality within Gmail, so calling and working through email has never been easier. 

Like WhatsApp, Gmail is widely used, so conversing with clients is familiar. However, for some, tracking conversation history upon hundreds of emails can seem somewhat complicated. Not to mention the unwanted spams in emails. Rather than trudging through tons of emails to continue conversations, it is easier and more efficient to carry conversations within channels.