Often times, Accountants need a reliable communication platform. They also need a platform in which they can effectively get work done, such as task management, notes, and most of all, top-notch file organization. It can be pretty difficult to have various platforms to manage all your work. That is why we made AirSend.

AirSend is designed to help get the work done all from one place. We offer seamless conversation through a clean and clear easy-to-follow design. Further, we offer built-in task management, built-in file storage, and a ready-made note section. One of our latest features, which is extremely helpful to those who have clients, is our Microsoft integration.

With our latest integration, you can now manage all your tax statements, bookkeeping records, forms, and more all with a click of a button. Having this integration eases the extra time of downloading and uploading the same files- only edited.

Another neat feature to have when creating your client portals are channel templates. Essentially, copy the channel template, which carries all your standardized forms for new clients, into your newly created channel. No more digging through files to finding the right forms.

We also carry a powerful search system in which you can find everything with ease. A huge stress reliever. Finally, the coolest feature of them all is our new feature, public channels. For more information on how to make a communication client portal with AirSend, we have attached a video.

The best part of all, we aren’t stopping with what we currently have. We are continuously unleashing new updates to help with maximum productivity.

AirSend helps accountants and professionals create a versatile digital workspace to share files, send messages, and complete tasks. See how AirSend can help you.