When it comes to building a successful online community, it often takes a lot of hard work. We forget that communities are hard work because we often look towards the more well-known communities. Celebrity communities to be exact. But, celebrity communities, such as Loren Gray, Ariana Grande, and even PewDiePie, take a lot of hard work to create.

However, if you have the motivation and passion, creating a community will feel like a breeze. In this blog post, we are going to give you 10 secrets on how to build a successful community.

Following these steps will ensure that you start in the right direction for building your future community. 

Learn from who you admire

Image of Loren Gray from Pinterest
Image of Loren Gray from Pinterest

Taking your admiration of influencers will inspire you to create the perfect niche community. For example, Loren Gray, who is currently the number one influencer on TikTok. Gray has built herself an online community doing what she loves best, singing.

Though singing isn’t quite a niche community, Gray also posts other videos that are unique to her. Essentially, take what you admire/inspire from and run with it. 

Choosing your Niche

Sign that says find your niche
find your niche concept on blackboard

Taking from step one, choosing your niche is a great way to develop your community. Especially when it is something that is not quite well-known.

Some niche communities are, GoodreadsArtFire, and Behance. Your niche must align with what you are passionate about. If it doesn’t, chances are your community will not flourish. 

Choosing the Right Platform

A combination of logos, TikTok, YouTube, Discord, AirSend, Reddit, and Instagram
Capture of Community tools

It is important that you choose a platform that you can see your community growing with. It also helps to choose a platform that is great for effective communication, easy to use, and visually appealing. 

State your Dream

Kylie Jenner
Image of Kylie Jenner

Speak from the heart. Find your own message and hone it. This essentially will be the foundation of your community. What do you want to share with your community? To give an example, think of Kylie Jenner. Being only 22-years-old, Kylie Jenner has made a name for herself in the cosmetics industry. Some would argue that it was Kylie Jenner’s dream to run her own make-up line, and here she is now. She has created a massive community that had originally begun with a dream.

Putting it all together

Image of puzzle pieces in a sunny field
Putting puzzle pieces together

Once you have your idea, the right platform, and you have stated your dream, it is now time to put it all together. Ideally, this is where you want to design your community to be user and visually friendly. Make it easy and fun to use.

Also implementing channel organization and leadership roles, are great ways of designing your community. 

A word of advice, it is okay for your community blueprint to not be perfect. There will be many times when you will have to go back to the drawing board to figure out what design is perfect for you.

Take your time with it. Building the ideal perfect community does not always happen overnight.

Find Early Adopters

Group of friends smiling at the camera
Portrait of group of friends, one smiling at camera

The first people that join are usually the most important ones. That being said, it is ideal to look for people that will be a great fit for your community.

Looking at various communities and interviews, the common theme for finding early and dedicated people are co-workers and friends. Having those close to you join your community will help produce a consistent conversation. 

Be Consistent

Philosophize This Discord Channel
Image of community on Discord

Consistency is key to growing a community. Being consistent will let your members know that you are present and that you care for the community. It is also suggested to be consistent in different and creative ways.

An example is from a community called, “Philosophize this!” Host and creator, Steve, has made various channels in which all members have an outlet.

Additionally, one of Steve’s qualities is that he is always participating in his community. This makes his members feel cherished. It is also a great way to give thanks. 

Give Thanks and Spread Kindness

Thank You sign with hashtag giving Tuesday on a chalkboard
A thank you card with the hashtag words Giving Tuesday

As said earlier, a great way to thank your members is to be consistent with participation and content. Let your members know that you value them.

Another way to give thanks is to support your members with likes, comments, retweets, shout-outs, and tags.

Spreading kindness, such as thanking your members for being a part of your community, is also a great way to value your community and its members. 

Encourage Diversity and Interaction

Feet formed in a circle on the sand
Top view image of people standing together

It would be boring if everyone in your community thought the same. There would be no need for interaction. Encouraging diversity and interaction among your members is a good method for effective communication. After all, a community cannot thrive without enticing conversations. 

Have fun

A group of friends

Finally, have fun with it. If you cannot have fun in building your community, what is the point of going forward? It takes an immense amount of work to build a community, but with the right drive, passion, and motivation, creating your own community will feel like a breeze. 

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