Here are some simple tips to staying organized and streamlined while compiling an audit PBC list.

As an auditor, you deal with many PBC list requests on a daily basis. And depending on client size, your audit teams can range from one person to 20 plus. With so many moving parts and people involved, the audit process can quickly become a complicated mess if not properly organized. Here are some simple tips to staying organized and streamlined while compiling an audit PBC list.

Audit PBC List Tip #1: Use the Right Tools

One of the first and most important aspects of the process is deciding what tools you are going to use to collect and track PBC list documents. Do you want the documents in hard copy form, emailed, or uploaded to a secure portal? How are you going to track which documents have been receive and which haven’t? The answers to those two questions and choosing the right tools to help you with the process will greatly determine how easy or hard it is for you to manage your client audit PBC lists.

Audit PBC List Tip #2: Set Realistic Deadlines

Work with your clients to set deadlines that are realistic. PBC lists are long and take time to prepare, so be flexible and communicate clearly so that you choose a date that works for everyone. Setting a realistic deadline will reduce the stress of the situation, making the audit process smoother overall. It’s also good to do occassional check-ins to ensure that progress is being made in a timely manner.

Audit PBC List Tip #3: Prioritize Your PBC List

To make the audit process even easier for you and your clients, break your PBC list down into sections and prioritize the items in those sections so that it’s clear which items need to be compiled first. This organization further helps everyone stay on the same page when it comes to the audit PBC list.

Audits can be complex with many moving parts, but following the above tips for auditors and how to handle PBC lists can help make sure the process is as easy as possible.

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