The ideal digital workspace should offer a combination of capabilities, such as communicating, sharing, task and business management, that enables you to get work done from any device and any location. Team chats and communication tools are an important part of a great digital workspace. Some would often say that without collaboration or a place for productive flow, digital workspaces cannot be created.

In essence, digital workspace gives you the capabilities to do everything from one platform. In this blog post, we are going to explain the best three digital workspaces that carry the best capabilities of team chats and productivity.


AirSend is designed to make your life easier. We give you the capabilities that other platforms cannot give you in one digital workspace.

With AirSend our priorities are to keep everything in one place, work without distractions, build a personal workspace, find everything with a click of a button, and most importantly, keep everyone in the loop. With our attributes, we replace Microsoft Teams, GDrive, Todoist, and Trello all together. 

Furthermore, our user interface carries a sleek and simplistic design.  This allows users to view all features needed for a channel, such as task tracking. This makes it easier for client-to-client relationships and team groups to be in the loop.

Finally, we also have built-in audio/video calling. Having a built-in calling function makes having a digital workspace incredibly useful. However, AirSend is still in its beta stages. Because AirSend is still in development, there will be consistent updates and added features to the product.

We use AirSend as our digital workspace for our marketing team. Even though AirSend is our product, we sincerely believe that AirSend can help your team too. Though we like to think we are the best, we also take the time to acknowledge our formidable innovators who also deliver. 


Slack logo

Slack carries many promising qualities. Built as a communication tool it offers a variety of options, such as public or private channels, and threads.

They also carry audio and video calls. Slack is also free, however, there are some restrictions. P.s. with AirSend we don’t offer restrictions. With Slack, there is a limited storage space of 5GB. The paid version of Slack is $6.67 per month and $12.50 per month for the Standard and Premium versions, respectively.

Slack also carries powerful search capabilities, however, in the free version, it limits to a search of 10,000 messages.

Slack also carries a complex user interface, which sometimes can be seen as time-consuming when switching from channel to channel.

Finally, the selling point for Slack is their integrations. Slack can integrate over 1,500 other apps and platforms. The downside, however, is that with most app integrations you need to have a separate account.

For those who enjoy integrating personal drives, ticket systems, task trackers, etc, Slack is great. You have the option to connect any accounts for easier usage. However, with AirSend we do not require you to connect personal file storage or other accounts. We provide it to you. 


Discord Community page

Discord is a great platform that enables all-in-one voice and text chat. Originally marketed for gamers, Discord has been increasing its reach to other fields, such as podcasts, therapy groups, and YouTubers. They also carry a lot of open source development such as Manifold, FastGlobal, and Deque to name a few.

The selling point of Discord is that they give you full control over your server. The way it works is that you first build a server and from there you build specific channels.

Discord main channel view

Discord also allows you to create permissions for personal channels, make bots, create roles (mods short for moderator) which are given to people to have certain access over others. In summation, Discord is a great platform to create communities, have control over what should be allowed, assign roles, create bots, and have a personal workspace.

However, with the extremely complicated user interface, maneuvering through discord can be difficult, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. Furthermore, Discord’s communities are a great feature, but with hundreds of members streamlining messages, it can be hard for one to feel a part of the community.

If joining a large community is what you are looking for, Discord is great for you! Discord is also great if you are hosting games, or want to co-op with a friend. However, we do not think Discord is made for everyone.

Like the Matryoshka doll, Discord and Slack create several barriers to get to your workspace. If you are starting from place A, you must go to B, before getting to C. Clients must go through other channels, servers, and workspaces before getting to their own.

AirSend removes abstractions of workspaces and servers by eliminating the barriers. If you are starting from point A, you now can go to point C without having the confusion of context switching. With AirSend you can have client-to-client or B2B relationships within one space.

Furthermore, AirSend is on its way to bringing public channels and invite links.


As you can see, each platform carries its pros and cons. It is all a matter of what you feel would be the perfect digital workspace for you.

Does having an all-in-one platform where you can have the ability to upload and organize files, assign actions, and have a built-in notebook sound like your type of speed?

Or does having a platform where you have to create a plethora of other accounts, only to integrate it with one platform sound like the perfect fit for you?

Perhaps even a platform where you can build your own server through a very organized and complex design sound inviting?

Whatever the case may be, choose the digital workspace that will best suit your needs and productivity. 

AirSend helps team chats and professionals create a versatile digital workspace that gives the capabilities to share files, send messages, and complete tasks. See how AirSend can help you.