Image of AirSend channel

We all know that when it comes to marketing and business, your brand is the most important visual. Branding follows the basic guidelines of persuasion.

Without branding, businesses would be struggling to gain referrals, growth, and ultimately success. AirSend makes branding easier. 

Enjoy the comforts of customizing your background and logo to fit the personality of your brand. In the video below, we give a tutorial on how to do this. 

Further, Airsend is perfect for building brands, and ultimately, a micro-network system all from one platform. In this video, we show an example using the Gap marketing team.

With a nice and seemingly aesthetic background, one can feel proud to take a screenshot of their messages and background to persuade their fellow members to join. 

Additionally, AirSend is made for all types of professionals and creatives, such as authors, interior designers, architects, realtors, music industry, etc.

AirSend is a great platform to build ideas, share files, and ultimately innovating with ease of communication. With a nice background and logo implemented, building/creating a brand has become a 1000% doable. 

Try us at AirSend, we simplify your business for you. 

AirSend helps creatives and professionals create a versatile digital workspace to share files, send messages, and complete tasks. See how AirSend can help you.