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Inside an AirSend channel

The AirSend channel screen

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Name of the channel.
    In this example, the channel name is User Group.
  3. Meeting. Click to start a meeting.
  4. Members. Click to see a list of members in the channel or to add new members. The number on the icon indicates the number of members including the owner.
  5. Settings. Click to see channel information and configuration opens.
  6. Search box. Enter a search term to search through messages, channels, users, files, and actions.
  7. Notifications. Click to display recent notifications . See AirSend Dashboard for more information. The number on the icon indicates the number of unread messages.
  8. User and user settings. User signed in to the channel. Click the down arrow to see a user menu with user settings.
  9. Add a channel. Click to add a new channel.
  10. Add a group. Click to create a Group that includes multiple channels. See Channel Sidebar: Finding Channels for more information about adding groups.
  11. Expand/Collapse channel categories. See Channel Sidebar: Finding Channels for more information about expanding/collapsing the sidebar.
  12. Full/Compact sidebar view toggle. See Channel Sidebar: Finding Channels for more information about listing channels in the toolbar in full or compact view.
  13. Channel sidebar. List of all active channels. Lets you view and switch to other channels while a channel is open.
  14. Message section. Section that displays messages and notifications when actions occur.
  15. Actions. Click this tab to view and add actions that all members of the channel can see.
  16. Files. Click this tab to attach files and access files that other users have added.
  17. Wiki - Click this tab to view and add important information such as instructions, updates, and frequently accessed data.
  18. Emoji - Click to add an emoji to your message.
  19. Attachment icon - Click to attach a picture or file to your message. The picture or file is saved to the channel and is accessible in the Attachments folder of the Files tab in the right panel.
  20. Message input box - Type in your message here, then click Enter or the send icon.
  21. Send icon - Click to send your message and display it in the Message section.