AirSend Server:
#1 Self-Hosted Slack and Microsoft Teams Alternative

AirSend Server is a self-hosted collaboration and communication platform for enterprises with high security needs.

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Have conversations, make voice/video calls, share and store files, and manage tasks to collaborate securely with your team in one workspace.

Deploy AirSend Server on your on-premise servers behind your Firewall or self-host it on AWS/Azure servers. Collaborate on your terms with full control of your data and more features than other online file storage and collaboration solutions.

Custom Branding

Unlike Slack and Microsoft Teams, AirSend offers a wide range of customization options to build your brand. You can customize all channel logos and backgrounds. You can also run AirSend under your own business domain.

Self-hosted Cloud Storage

Securely self-host AirSend on on-premise servers or in the Cloud (AWS/Azure) for complete control of your data.

Secure File Sharing and Collaboration

Files and messages can be securely shared with full control lying with you, ensuring complete data privacy.

Fast Accessibility

AirSend has easy accessibility and works with the latest smartphones. Messages, files, actions, and Wiki can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Audit capabilities

AirSend lets you keep a log of all the messages, files, actions, and Wiki notes created and shared, making audits easy.

Return on Investment

Self-host AirSend on your existing IT infrastructure to get the most out of your investment.

Connect from anywhere

AirSend is available across all your devices: web, desktop, and mobile.
Connect and get work done from your office, home, and on the go.

Have conversations, voice/video calls, share files, complete tasks, and get work done in one space.

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