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It has a really nice UI and is simple to use.
- Dane @ Boundless Tax
I like the simplicity of it, with having actions and files all in the same place.
- Shane @ The Loomis Law Firm
The simplicity is perfect. I absolutely love it & have long been looking for a solution like this for several organisations that I own or am involved in where the technical capability of users is VERY mixed.
- rundmc @ Hacker News
I like the ease of use on my side so that I don't have to think a lot about it. I can set up Ben's account, and we can get started.
- John @ The Good Men Project
I like the Channel idea. This will keep all chat conversation and files within the channel that keep all in organized. Storage is more than enough to keep all files. It makes so simple to keep and share the files.
- Emre @ Lattice Group Inc.
Love the ability to share and send files with coworkers! This app is beginning to pull me from Google docs and slack slowly but surely!
- Jake @ Private Studio - JN
Very easy to quickly set up channels to exchange information and files and for quick collaboration. Simple user interface quite usable also from smartphone.
- Paolo @ Fastweb SpA
Works great. Simple UI. The app is definitely fast.
- Jamie @ Aham Yoga
We like the actions section, so our jobs are organized and we manage deadlines quickly more efficiently.
- Lavori @ Zampieri 1828
UI looks cool and I find it user friendly overall… free version seems great.
- Andrea (Retiree)
It is providing an easy method to connect with friends.
- Jennifer (College Student)

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