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UNLIMITED file storage and sharing

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Hosted Public Channels

Make an unlimited number of Public Channels and invite people to become members by sharing your unique public channel links. Post updates and content just for your community.

Unlimited Storage and File Sharing

AirSend Partners receive FREE unlimited file storage and no file size limit when sharing files.

Complete Control of Your Content

Unlike with social media platforms, you decide who sees your posts and when. Gain total control of your content and audience with AirSend Public Channels.

AirSend vs. Discord vs. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams
File Storage
Free: Unlimited
Free: Unlimited
Free Plan: 12 MB
File Sharing Max
Free: Unlimited
Free: 8 MB
15 MB
Channel Customization
Amazing Partner Program

AirSend Loves Open Source

AirSend believes that people succeed when we work together and share our ideas and solutions.

With seamless chat, unlimited file sharing size, and large file storage capacities, AirSend Public Channels are a great tool for sharing and collaborating on open source projects.

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