Simple, Built-in Wiki for Notes

Use AirSend’s Wiki section to share and remember important information and keep everyone on the same page.

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How can AirSend's built-in Wiki help keep everyone in the loop?

  • Easily share key information like key contacts, upcoming due dates, and team OKRs with a built-in wiki for easy reference.
  • Collaborate in real-time during meetings using the Wiki and AirSend’s voice/video calling with screen-sharing.
  • Never lose important ideas again. Easily have an ongoing brainstorm session with clients and team members by noting down inspirations anytime, anywhere.

How can Markdown formatting in Wiki notes help you?

  • Add headings, make numbered and bulleted lists, and bold and italicize text to make your Wiki notes exactly how you want them with markdown.
  • Create detailed, well-formatted action plans or other documents right inside your AirSend Channels.
  • No more unnecessary meetings and questions. Everyone can access information easily with no confusion.

What are other benefits of AirSend's Wiki?

  • Paste and save links to places like Zoom meeting rooms and important websites for convenient future access.
  • Organize notes in folders for even more organization.
  • Easily take and access your notes anywhere using AirSend’s mobile apps.

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