Simple, Built-in Task Management

Assign reminders and schedule important tasks to make sure work gets done. See how your business can benefit from AirSend's task management tools.

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How can AirSend's task management tools help you?

  • Track and complete your to-dos with a clean and clear design.
  • Organize tasks by type. Categories include reminders, internal review, requires an update, and requires a signature. Having different types of tasks makes requests even more clear and makes it easy to find specific items.
  • Add due dates to your tasks so that you and your team members always get work done on time.

How can AirSend’s task management features streamline your business?

  • Get a clear view of your entire workflow, including pending tasks and requests.
  • Easily add members, notes, due dates, and categories to each task so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Receive instant notifications when a task is created or when you are assigned to a task.

How can AirSend's simple task management help you?

  • Keep everyone in the loop on when tasks are made and completed.
  • Write descriptions in your tasks to remember and communicate important details.
  • Easily create a weekly planner and hold meetings right in your AirSend Channels.

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