AirSend for Gmail Integration

Easily send emails from Gmail to AirSend Channels to save important information and discuss with clients and team members.

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How can AirSend for Gmail help you?

The AirSend Add-On for Gmail helps you keep and organize important information by allowing you to easily send important emails and email attachments to your AirSend Channels. You can add a message to the email as well.

  • Email chain getting long and tedious? Send it to AirSend where you can instant message or have a voice/video call and quickly move forward.
  • Need to form a response to a customer email inquiry? Alert your team members directly by sending the email to a team Channel for instant context and collaboration.
  • Got an interesting article in your email? Send it to a Channel with a note about your thoughts for further discussion.

How does the AirSend for Gmail add-on work?

  • Start by installing the AirSend for Gmail Add-On. Then, open any email and click on the AirSend icon on the right-hand side of your Gmail inbox.
  • Choose the AirSend Channel you want to forward the email to. Add a message and check the “Include email attachments” box if applicable.
  • Click send, and you’re good to go!

What are some more benefits of AirSend's Gmail add-on?

  • Collaborate without delays with instant sending and receiving of emails and files.
  • You can send email messages and documents to Channels to keep an organized record of information that you can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Easily organize share and organize the files you send to a Channel to Gmail using AirSend's easy file management system.

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