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How can AirSend's file management tools help you?

AirSend lets you upload, create, move, and delete files and folders. For businesses with many clients, you can now view all your files in one space with our centralized file view.

  • Stop wasting precious time looking for files, forms, and other important information. With a powerful file management system and searchable archive, you can now seamlessly and efficiently manage your business data.
  • Streamline collaboration with clients and team members with an easy file navigation system. See all folders and files from all channels in a centralized file space.
  • Upload and delete folders and files from a centralized location, and AirSend Channels will automatically update to reflect changes.

How can AirSend’s in-channel file view help you?

AirSend lets you upload, create, move, and delete files and folders right in your Channels. View and work with files with team members and clients quickly and easily.

  • Organize your business by creating a structured folder outline. Create folders within folders. Find everything quickly and easily with a click of a button.
  • Create Channel file templates to quickly create Channels that organize your files and folders the way you want. If you onboard a client or team member, you can use the Channel template to make your new Channel. All files and folders are automatically duplicated from your template to the new Channel.
  • Easily see what is being sent and received with clear file previews in messages.

How can AirSend's easy file sharing help you?

AirSend lets you seamlessly share files and work with team members and clients with a few simple clicks.

  • Collaborate without delays with instant sending and receiving of files through AirSend's email-to-channel and channel-to-email feature.
  • No sign-up required for clients and other outside collaborators. People can send messages and documents by replying to AirSend email notifications.
  • Easily organize share and organize files with drag-and-drop from your in-channel file view to your messages.

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