Our latest update to Android is finally here! In this blog post, we will be discussing all the latest updates to the AirSend app in Android. A lot of you have been requesting some additional features to the Android apps, and we listened! Here are some of the latest updates with more to come!

Google Sign-In. 

AirSend can now support Google Sign-in 

AirSend Android login page image
Screenshot of AirSend’s login page from Android

Native Share in AirSend

Whether you are a researcher, content developer, creative, tax accountant, or even a realtor, you can now share files, documents, and pictures directly to the AirSend channel using the native share option. AirSend also has the option to native share links from your mobile chrome browser.

UPDATE TO ANDROID!!! Native Sharing

Having the native share option eliminates the extra click times of jumping from one app to another to share a file.  Talk about convenience. 

Viewing Office Files

If you are giving a presentation with your phone, but find it hard to pull up the required office app, you no longer have to feel frustrated. AirSend’s clean UI design allows for smooth viewing of files, such as docx., pptx., and xlsx. Even with multiple sheets.

NEW UPDATE!!! View Office Files from the Android App

This allows for easy usage of scrolling and switching between files. 

Media Player

You can now watch your media directly in AirSend. Have a recording you wish to share with your friends? Or perhaps a recorded business meeting you wanted to refer to. Well, now you can view your recordings, plus more!

The Latest Update to the AirSend App on Android

We now support mp4, m4a, fmp4, webm, mkv, mp3, ogg, wav, mpg, flv, aac, and amr. 

New “Open with” feature.

Having the new “open with” feature minimizes extra click time. Rather than having to download extra apps, or even downloading the file itself, to only open it in another app, AirSend offers the ability to open the file directly with another app. 

New Update to AirSend’s Android! “Open with” Feature

This makes for easier context switching, and most of all, time.

File and Folder Permissions

With the latest update, you can now add, move, delete, and download files in all channels that you are a part of.

Latest Android Update! File Permission

AirSend is a versatile digital workspace to share files, send messages, and complete tasks. See how AirSend can help you. To see the latest Android update, click here.